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Kinect for Windows out now


As promised, Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows has launched on 1st of February 2012, bundling together a Kinect unit and a commercial license for the hardware. Microsoft is heavily pitching the bundle squarely toward industries outside video games, suggesting that Kinect should move “beyond the living room into other industries such as education, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.”

As part of this new push, Microsoft is encouraging businesses to take part in the Kinect Accelerator program, which offers the chance for startups to receive funding for innovative Kinect projects.

The Kinect for Windows package retails for $249. The hardware features “advanced speech and audio capabilities” as well as “improved skeletal tracking that enables control over which user is being tracked by the sensor.” The unit also features “near mode” which recognizes objects “as close as 40 centimeters in front of the sensor.”

Will these improvements be implemented in the console hardware? Is it even possible? We’re looking into it.

The Shortcuts to your Facebook


If you see Facebook as a benevolent time-waster, why not waste your time more efficiently when you’re there? Hit Alt+1 for the home page, Alt+? to search, or Alt+M for a new message.

The How-To Geek runs down all the shortcuts he’s discovered. Aside from Alt+M and Alt+?, most of Facebook’s keyboard shortcuts line up with numbers. 1-5 will take you (roughly) from left-to-right on Facebook’s navigation links across the top of your Facebook page. 6-0 will navigate to less obvious settings pages.

NOTE: If you’re on a Mac, you (currently) need to add Ctrl+Option+ to each of the shortcuts (Firefox on Mac is Function+Ctrl—thanks Robert Reents!). Other than that, they should work the same.

  • Alt+?: Search
  • Alt+m: Compose a new message
  • Alt+1Home page
  • Alt+2: Your profile page
  • Alt+3: Friend requests
  • Alt+4: Your messages
  • Alt+5: Notifications
  • Alt+6Account page
  • Alt+7Privacy
  • Alt+8Facebook’s Facebook page
  • Alt+9Facebook Terms/Agreement
  • Alt+0Facebook help center
  • The Geek notes, however, that the shortcuts work best in Chrome, and maybe Opera and Safari. In Firefox, you’ll need to add a Shift key to the combination, so as not to trigger Firefox’s own Alt-centered operations. On Internet Explorer, you’ll have to press Enter after hitting each combination.

    you can read the full article here

  • Why Nokia’s N9 leaves me confident about Windows Phone

    Two big smartphone announcements this morning, and two considerable insights into the prospects of an ailing cellphone giant. Nokia’s new N9 could, with its MeeGo OS, easily have been the Finns fiddling while Rome was burning; the technical previews of Windows Phone 7.1 Mango, meanwhile, could have shown up a platform desperately lagging behind its rivals iOS and Android. Make no mistake, today we’ve seen the biggest glimpse so far of Nokia’s future.



    The 50 Best Registry Hacks that Make Windows Better


    We’re big fans of hacking the Windows Registry around here, and we’ve got one of the biggest collections of registry hacks you’ll find. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of the top 50 registry hacks that we’ve covered.

    It’s important to note that you should never hack the registry if you don’t know what you’re doing, because your computer will light on fire and some squirrels may be injured. Also, you should create a System Restore point before doing so. Otherwise, keep reading.


    How to configure your Xbox 360 Controller for Windows on a Windows XP- or Vista-based computer

    Configure the controller

    You don’t have to configure the controller unless you want to customize the range of motion of the axes. To configure the controller, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, click Run, type joy.cpl in the Open box, and then click OK.
    2. In the Game Controllers window, click XNA Gamepad, and then click Properties.
    3. Click the Settings tab, and then click Calibrate.
    4. Follow the steps in the Device Calibration Wizard.
      Note When you’re prompted to use the directional pad (D-Pad), use the left stick instead. If you use the D-Pad, the left stick configuration may be incorrect.
      1. To use this wizard to configure the axes of your game controller, click Next.
      2. Leave the D-pad (left stick) centered, and then press a button on the controller.
      3. Press all the D-pad’s corners (left stick), and then press a button on the controller.
      4. Leave the D-pad (left stick) centered, and then press a button on the controller.
      5. Move the Z Axis (left and right triggers) all the way up and down, and then press a button on the controller.
      6. Move the X Rotation (right stick – left right movement) all the way up and down, and then press a button on the controller.
      7. Move the Y Rotation (right stick – up down movement) all the way up and down, and then press a button on the controller.
      8. To save your configuration, click Finish.
    5. Click Apply, and then test the operation of the controller.
    6. If you’re satisfied with the new settings, click OK twice.
      If you’re not satisfied, click Settings, and then click Reset to defaults. When you click Reset to defaults, the device controls are reset to the default settings that are obtained from the device.

    LazyDroid Controls Your Android Phone from Your Web Browser


    Android: If you’re sitting at your computer, there’s no reason to be hunched over your phone editing contacts and sending text messages. LazyDroid puts your Android phone’s functions right in your web browser, so you don’t even need to pick it up.


    The 10 Most Ridiculously Awesome Geeky Computer Pranks

    Was surfing the internet for some funny stuff to be done to my friends and I found this:

    This is really funny staff to fool your friends with, Enjoy 😉

    How to Open God Mode on Windows 7 & Vista

    UPDATE – Do not try this on Vista 64 bit [read comments]god-mode-windows-icon
    Windows in God mode? On first instance this looks joke but it is true and NOT A JOKE. God mode makes you true Windows God allowing you to access all Windows settings without having to click or hop between different dialog windows. You can open God Mode in Windows 7, Vista 32 bit and Windows Server 2008 (32 bit) operating systems.

    Enable & Open God Mode on Windows

    1. Right click on desktop to create a new Folder.
    2. Name the folder as:
    3. You will see God Mode icon on the desktop. Double click it to open window as seen below.

    It provide access to virtually every setting of Windows operating system. As pointed by lessthandot, there are over 46 different sections of settings. Ready to be GOD of Windows?

    An update is available for your computer


    Difference Between Mac and PC Users

    This one might be old, but it’s all time favourite joke.


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