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The…. Experience with!!<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Recently I decided to try a couple of online stores in Kuwait to evaluate them and give to the users my feedback.

Unfortunately I started with, because based on how large their experience are, and the number of the stores available in Kuwait, I had the feeling that they should be the best.

I found a great deal on one of the products, so I placed the order.

The order took place on 6th of November 2012 as shown below from their confirmation e-mail:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 4 59 08 PM

Now we will go to the tricky part, The delivery is mentioned to be happening from 24 – 48 Hours, Which is a grey area in my opinion. Some other online shops tells you exactly whether to to deliver it within 24 Hours or within 4 Hours and they give you the choice, but here you are forced to obey the rules and just wait.

I waited the whole 7th of November for them to call me and arrange for a delivery time but they didn’t, so I decided to call them on 1803535 to check when is the delivery time.

First one lady answered the call and after I gave her the information about my order she told me that the order will be delivered within 48 hours, which again give you a message to sit and pray to be in the top list of the their delivery names.

At night, in the same day the 7th I decided to call again and see if it’s possible to go and pick the item my self from any of the shops. A gentleman answered my call and I told him about my situation and he promised to let the delivery department call me to let me know the time of the delivery. Within 10 Minutes, I received a phone call from Delivery department and they told me that it will be delivered on 8th of November 2012 morning. I was so happy and I told all my friends about their great response time, and how they were positive in satisfying my needs.

On 8th of November I kept waiting for the delivery, the whole morning, but it never happened. At 6:37 PM I decided to call them and let them know that I didn’t get my item yet.

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 12 43 PM

They told me that they will inform the delivery department and they will get back to me.

I received a call from them at 7:16 PM, and they informed me that they are sorry that my item is not available in stock and they are trying to find one stock available to ship it to me. Therefore they will be returning the money I paid using my KNET to my WebStore Credit on their website within 2 business days so I can buy another item from their online store.

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 19 49 PM

Today is 11th of November 2012, and on my account on it’s still showing that the item I bought is still processing:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 23 02 PM

And also when I go to me Webstore Credit it shows the following:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 25 01 PM

All those calls happened between me and them is supposed to be recorded as per the message we receive before answering our calls, so XCITE management can go back to the calls and check if I was not telling the truth.

After my experience with them, which maybe was because of bad luck, I do recommend if you need to buy anything from XCITE, you have to go and pick it your self from their showrooms. Otherwise it doesn’t worth buying from their online store.

XCITE is the best Electronic shop in Kuwait, especially when you get their extended warranties they offer. But sorry to say that their online store is the worse in Kuwait so far.

Later on I will be posting some other experiences with other online stores in Kuwait.



After I posted this article, I was surprised when I saw that the money were added to my WebStore credit and the order status is changed to Closed as shown below:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 8 08 11 PM

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 8 08 29 PM


This changes only one fact that they did what they promised, but they never gave me the item I wanted.

InfoConnect 2012 is coming soon…


It has been announced that InfoConnect will be taking place in International Fairs Ground, Halls 5, 6, 7 & 8 on 29th of January 2012 and till 4th of February 2012.

The timings will be 9AM to 1PM and 4:30PM to 9PM

It’s nothing compared to Gitex of course, but it will be a good gathering for the Geekz in Kuwait 😉

We shall be writing a small review about the event shortly.

PSP Vita @ X-Cite


For Video Games lovers, you can Pre-Order the long awaited Device, Sony PSP Vita @ X-Cite.

The device is released in two versions, Wi-Fi & 3G.

The prices announced by X-Cite are, 147KD for 3G and 120KD for Wi-Fi.

You can Pre-Order online by visiting their website here

iPhone 4S offer @Eureka

I believe this is the best offer in Kuwait so far!!!


Shall the Battle Begin!!!!???

As Expected, X-Cite has raised the bar of challenge and announced a new price for iPhone 4S 16GB.

The price is 10 KD cheaper than Eureka. Wondering what will be the price that will be announced by Electrozan.


iPhone 4S @ Eureka!!

So far I believe this is the cheapest place to sell iPhone 4S in Kuwait. It’s still expensive than buying it from UK, but this is better than nothing.


Samsung to Launch Gingerbread for Galaxy Tab UK Version coming in few weeks – new user interface and revamped speed


According to recent reports, the UK version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch) is set to receive its Android 2.3 update in the near future.  Recombu advises that a a source close to Samsung is claiming that UK version of Galaxy Tab will receive Gingerbread in coming weeks via Kies.

The update will hit unlocked version of Galaxy Tabs then it will hit others i.e. people using Galaxy Tab with contract. O2UK is saying that it will be out in early August, and I think others will also launch it in the same period.

Our readers in UK, soon you will be able to taste Gingerbread on your Galaxy Tab.  However, if you want Honeycomb, then you’d better have a look at Galaxy Tab 10.1 or any other already existing Honeycomb tablet.  We’re very early in the Android tablet game and no company has proven to have a track record as it pertains to update schedules.

Here in the United States, Sprint recently deployed Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for their Samsung Galaxy Tab, so it makes sense to assume other carries might soon follow suit.


So Kuwait, it seems the update is just near by now. Let’s wait 😉

Getting iPhone for free is never easier!!!

Are you interested in having an iPhone 16GB white color?

Then you must try your luck with Al-Watan newspaper.


All you have to do is to send M to:

Zain 90999

Wataniya 1492

VIVA 55077

they will be selecting three lucky winners everyday to win an iPhone.

So start texting everyone, and Good luck!!

PS4 Not Coming “For Some Time”, Says Sony

Despite letting slip a few details to the contrary in a recent investor meeting, which were, to be fair, later brushed aside as referring to the PlayStation Vita, Sony says it’s new home console is still a long way coming. And honestly, having had a look at what the Wii U is bringing to the table, it’s pretty hard to argue. Not to mention that Sony even has a line of PlayStation tablets coming out soon.


The Internet Of Things Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

So soon, in fact, that a team of Norwegian scientists are hard at work on a common platform called ISIS. What ISIS does is allow users to create and harmonize apps for all their connected items. This useful feature’s value is in keeping the multiplicity of things organized. That’s what lies at the heart of the internet of things—everything is connected.

ISIS stands for Infrastructure for Integrated Services and is a pet project of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. One of the key features of ISIS is an experimental programming tool called Arctis that allows apps to be made and synced together. The whole idea here is cohesion in the upcoming era of domestic computing (to con a phrase) where each and every gadget w euse are connected with the rest.

As technology goes, both ISIS and Arctis might both be buried in a mass of similar platforms that will emerge in the near future to address  the multiplicity of electronic devices in human lives. Once ISIS and its descendants are slated to become the norm, the Singularity won’t be far off. Uh oh.

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