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iPhone 4S users are big data hogs compared to iPhone 4 users


That new and improved antenna in the iPhone 4S is apparently helping its users download gobs of data. In fact, according to a new report from network management firm Arieso, iPhone 4S owners use twice as much data as their iPhone 4-using brethren, and nearly three times as much as iPhone 3G users. The data is part of an overall trend of growing data usage among smartphone owners, with Arieso warning that data congestion issues among cell networks will worsen throughout 2012.

Arieso used the iPhone 3G as its baseline for comparison throughout 2011, just as it did for its study in 2010. iPhone 4S users downloaded 276 percent of the data used by iPhone 3G users, and uploaded 320 percent. A couple of Android phones made an appearance in the list too, with the Samsung Galaxy S downloading 199 percent of the data used by iPhone 3Gs. The Galaxy S didn’t make a showing in the uplink list, but the HTC Desire S did, at 323 percent of the data uploaded by iPhone 3G users. Clearly, the smartphone owners of 2011 are making an effort to watch as many cat videos on YouTube as they possibly can.

In addition to the smartphone data, Arieso pointed out that overall data use is increasing dramatically, and the top one percent of smartphone users now consume half of all downloaded data. "Without adequately preparing networks to support the new generation of smart devices, operators risk spiralling and misplaced operational expenditure and delivering a sub-par quality of experience to customers," Arieso CTO and the study’s author Dr. Michael Flanagan said in a statement. "It’s critical that operators redouble their efforts to limit the impact of this inevitable squeeze."

Zain is back into the Game!!

Zain Today announced the special offer they have for iPhone 4. Earlier, few weeks ago we saw similar offer for Viva.

Now we believe that jealousy is a killing feeling, as Zain felt jealous from Viva for their successful campaign, and decided to get into the game and start the fair competition.

At the end, customers are the winners.


Finally… Snow White @ VIVA

Today VIVA announced that iPhone 4 White is available at their branches.

It will be having same offers were applying on Black version and mentioned earlier here


iOS5 Presentation Leaked!!!

We had our hands on what supposed to be iOS concept presentation. By looking at it you will feel that Apple really listens to iPhone users and they are there to make their wishes come true.


Apple offer @ Eureka

iPad 2 Wifi 16GB for 185KD

iPad 2 Wifi 32GB for 210KD

Cooool Prices!!

Hurry up,it’s for today only (07/05/2011)


Waiting is over!!!

Today iCity anounced that iPhone 4 White is Available in store.

We are not sure about the prices yet, but last week iCity was selling iPhone 4 Black 16GB for 240KD with preinstalled applications & iPhone 4 Black 32GB for 280KD with preinstalled applications.


The White one is @ Eureka now

This is not a racial comment, it’s just announcing that iPhone 4 white is available at Eureka showrooms now!!













New Apple offers @ X-Cite

Knock out prices for Apple gadgets at X-Cite



How Green is Your iPhone?

Apple pulls in close to 50% of total global cellphone profits by selling only 4% of all cellphones, with that kind of profit and over 100 million iPhones sold Apple is a legitimate gorilla. So just how green is the gorilla’s smartphone?


iPhone 4 Plans @ VIVA….. Better late than never!!

Finally the day has come to see such offers in Kuwait, and all the favor goes back to VIVA.


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