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Up close with iOS 5: Reminders

iOS 5’s to-do manager is pretty basic, but may satisfy some users’ needs


At its core, the Reminders app that iOS 5 introduces is a simple task-management utility, designed to look like a sheet of loose-leaf paper. It offers basic functionality for entering tasks and to-dos, mixing in geolocation fun for good measure.

It’s not as fancy as various to-do list managers you’ll find in the App Store. Todo, Pocket Informant, and Smart Pad offer more features than what you’re likely to find in this built-in app. That said, Reminders provides enough basic functionality to satisfy iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners with less extensive task management needs.


Getting started with Reminders

To get started, tap the first empty row in the Reminders app to type in a new reminder; tap Return, and your new task is saved. Next to each task is a checkbox—tap it to complete your task.

Tap an individual task to tweak individual settings for this entry. You can adjust the name of the task, when it’s due, if it repeats, its priority, and general notes on the task. In addition, if you tap Remind Me, you can schedule time- and location-based reminders.

As the name might suggest, time-based reminders are scheduled by time. Location-based reminders, in contrast, allow you to set a place (either your current location or a pre-specified address from one of your contacts), and whether you’d like to be reminded of the task when you leave or when you arrive there.

The app will also let you set up recurring tasks. Tap Repeat, and you can schedule your task to repeat daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, or yearly. When you schedule reminders, they won’t show up on your iOS device’s calendar, though you can pull them up in iCal (they’re saved as Reminders there; as Tasks in other calendar programs).

Reminders Tips and Tricks

By default, Reminders displays your tasks in a simple list, sorted only by task entry time. A second viewing option—Date—lets you browse only those tasks with reminders set for a specific day. Again, those tasks are sorted by the time you entered them; if you add a task with an earlier due date (or higher priority) after a different task, the more-urgent task is still listed after the less-urgent one.

If you want to remove a task, tap on it to enter the editing screen and then tap the Delete button, and, lastly, tap Delete a second time to confirm the deletion. You can also check off the unwanted task to remove it from your Reminders list.

Reminders lets you create multiple lists. For example, you might use one list for grocery shopping and a second one for home-improvement tasks. On the iPad, the names of your lists remain visible at all times; iPhone and iPod touch users need to tap a Lists icon in the upper left corner to reveal their assorted lists.


To create a new list, first tap the Edit button and then tap Create New List. If you’ve told your iCloud account to sync Reminders, you can choose whether each new list is device-specific or stored with iCloud instead. When you’ve created multiple lists, you can swipe sideways to flip through them on the iPhone. On the iPad, it’s possible to tap directly to the list from a sidebar.

iOS 5.1 Release Date: What to Expect From iOS 5.1

iOS 5.1 is the next major update to Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 5.

iOS 5 was released on October 12, 2011, right before the iPhone 4S arrived. Since then, Apple has released iOS 5.0.1 which was supposed to fix battery life issues, but hasn’t solved them for all users.

If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 5 yet, now is a good time to upgrade. Not only do you get great new features, but it even runs great on the iPhone 3GS.

The next big software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is iOS 5.1. This update is expected to contain a number of bug fixes, another attempt at battery life fixes and most exciting — possible Siri updates to enhance the app.


iOS 5.1 Release Date

iOS 5.1 Release Date

iOS 5.1 was released to Apple developers on November 28th, 2011. This beta has been in the hands of developers for a week now, but Apple has not made an official iOS 5.1 release date announcement.

Because Apple wants to fix the pervading battery issues, we expect that Apple will push the iOS 5.1 release out sooner rather than later. It is very likely that Apple will release iOS 5.1 before the end of December.

If things go well during the testing with developers, we may see iOS 5.1 released as early as next week.

Stay tuned for more iOS 5.1 release details as they are announced.

iOS 5.1 Features

Battery Life

One of the biggest targets for Apple is to fix the elusive iPhone 4S battery issues.

Reports suggest that iOS 5.1 hasn’t fixed the iPhone 4S battery life issues that have been hampering the iPhone 4S for a number of users, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fix in here for some users.

Or at least Apple’s latest attempt to fix the battery life bug.

New Keyboard in Mail

Another new feature is a slightly redesigned keyboard in the mail. This change is visible in the recipient field of the Mail app, where you now have access to an @ symbol to speed up entering email addresses.

iOS 5.1 keyboard

iTunes Match Over 3G

New to iOS 5.1 is the ability to sync and stream your iTunes Match music over 3G. This is a handy feature, but could quickly eat through the data plans of many users, so be sure that you use this feature wisely.

Siri App Control

Siri iconThe most exciting iOS 5.1 feature that has been rumored is the ability to do more with Siri. We have yet to see anything about this in the iOS 5.1 beta, but Apple could be sharing this feature with just a few developers right now.

Reportedly, Siri will soon be able to perform the following actions.

  • Interact with Apps – like to do apps.
  • Turn Bluetooth and WiFi on and off
  • Capture a video or photo

While it would be awesome to see these features in December, Apple may hold off on updating Siri until next year.

What Devices will run iOS 5.1

Like the iOS 5 upgrade, the iOS 5.1 update will work on the following devices.

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Generation

Even the iPhone 3GS, which is more than two years old, handles this new operating system well.

iOS 5.1 Upgrade

Like the iOS 5.o.1 update that was released on November 10th, we expect to see iOS 5.1 available as a downloadable over the air update.

All you should need to do is connect to WiFi, download the update and wait for it to install. You should make sure you have a backup though.

iOS 5.1 and iPhone 4S Jailbreak

iPhone 4S JailbreakIf you have been following the status of the iPhone 4S Jailbreak, you’ll know that progress has been made, and the iPhone 4S has been jailbroken.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4S jailbreak is not available to the general public yet. We recommended staying away from iOS 5.0.1 if you want to jailbreak, because it may patch holes that iPhone hackers use to jailbreak your iPhone.

There is no official word from the iPhone Dev Team or the Chronic Dev Team, but if you do want to jailbreak your iPhone 4S, you may want to pass on the iOS 5.1 update.

Waiting shouldn’t be that hard to do, unless the Siri integration is really available.

Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 update to fix iPhone 4S battery issues, available OTA as well

Apple has today released its iOS 5.0.1 update (build 9A405) to address battery issues, add multitouch gestures to the iPad 1 and more. The update is now available in iTunes, and is also available over-the-air to existing iOS 5 users.

Some users may not see the over-the-air update immediately, so either be patient or just use the iTunes update method. We recommend waiting and doing the update OTA because the update experience is much quicker this way, due to the smaller size of the update file (the iPad 2?s update is only 34.9MB OTA), and very slick.


The fixes that are listed are:

  • Fixes bugs affecting battery life
  • Adds Multitasking Gestures for original iPad
  • Resolves bugs with Documents in the Cloud
  • Improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation

Apple has also included an explicit fix for the security issue discovered by security researcher Charlie Miller just a few days ago. In addition, there is a fix for the iPad Smart Cover security glitch, which would allow users access to your last running app.

To get the update now, plug your device into iTunes and click update, or if you’re already on iOS 5, you can go to Settings>General>Software Update to update your device.


iMessage… How to use it??


Apple iOS 5 one of the best features is iMessage. it allows the iDevices users to communicae with each other using their Apple ID over 3G or WiFi.


What I need to do in-order to activate it?

Nothing, simply nothing all. You can activate iMessage by tap or slide it over to turn iMessage on.

Once activated, there are some new options appearing on the Messages setting screen.


  • Turn ON the Send Read Receipts to activate read notification. With the Send Read Receipts turned on, the other party in your iMessage conversation will be able to see once you view a message they have sent to you. You will allow the others to be notified when you have read their messages. If you turn it off, the sender will not know whether you have read the sent message or not, but only delivery notification.
  • Turn ON the Send as SMS option to Send as SMS when iMessage service is unavailable. Your device will route a message through your carrier via SMS instead of iMessage when iMessage is unavailable. Of course carrier messaging rates may apply if you are not subscribed to unlimited text plan with your carrier.
  • Received At option lets you configure the address(es) where you would like to receive iMessages.

    In received at settings, you can configure where you can be reached for iMessages at, either phone number, email apple ID, or another email.
    To set up your e-mail address for iMessage, you will need to enter your Apple ID, followed by the e-mail address you would like to use. The email will be verified by Apple and will be added as iMessage. So, when the email activated, other party will identify your email as iMessage-activated users or not.
    If you have several emails to be set as iMessage recipient, add them by tap Add Another Email.

  • NewImage

    In this case, there are multiple email addresses where I can be reached for iMessage at. If a family member contact me to the first email and college buddy contact me to the second email and both of them using iMessage, I will get those message on my iPhone or any other device where this email assigned to.

    Also, you will be able to set the caller ID of for your iMessage identity, either it could be phone number, or the selected email, but it’s preferred to be an e-mail.


    • Tap on Caller ID to set which address you would like to use as your iMessages identity. If you select unfamiliar called ID (like a new created email), your contacts probably doesn’t recognize the message from you. So, be sure to select a familiar caller ID. Caller ID has to be an e-mail account to make it work.

    However, on the iPod Touch or iPad, you will not be able to set phone number as recipient nor caller id as they have no phone number. So, you will only be able to use your Apple ID as iMessage ID on other device like iPod Touch or iPad.

    Other Settings may not new and you shall familiar with:

    • MMS Messaging: Let you enable/disable to share Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) through iMessage. Disable this option if you only need texting on iMessage.
    • Show Subject Field: This option will show subject and the content just like sending email. There will be two rows for subject and content while sending iMessage.
    • Character Count: Do you really need it? It’s not the old-SMS style that limit 160 Character/SMS. I prefer to turn it off unless my carrier started to charge iMessage per character.
    • Show preview: You will see the content preview when you have a new iMessage if you enable this option.
    • Repeat alert: Just like SMS tone, will be repeated twice by default. Configure how many repetition you would like to get when a new iMessage notification appears.

    Now you are ready to use your iMessage!!

    Now watch the following videos to see a comparison between both SMS and iMessage and also how to use iMessage:



    Problems with updating to iOS 5? No problems we got the workaround ;)


    Like many of you, we have been waiting very impatiently for the upgrade to iOS 5. Between iCloud and the new notification system, it just seems like a really cool new thing with some awesome new stuff to keep my life even better organized.

    So, like at least a few of you, we were dismayed when—after waiting all day and obsessively clicking the “check for new updates” button in iTunes—the new version arrived only to be unable to be installed because of a restoration error. Fortunately though, we found a solution.

    For whatever it’s worth, the solution itself is very simple to execute, but be forewarned, you will end up having to completely rearrange all of your apps, resync all of your audio, video, and photos, and endure the headache that will inevitably come with that. That said, here is what you need to do to make iOS 5 happily install on your device:

    1.) Sync and then disconnect your iphone without attempting to install iOS 5.

    2.) In iTunes preferences (press cmnd+, to get to preferences while iTunes is open), go to ‘devices’ and select the iDevice you are wanting to install iOS 5 on. Now delete that backup file.

    3) Take a manual Backup for the device.

    3.) On your iDevice go to settings, then to general settings, and go down to the bottom to find the reset button. Click that and select ‘erase all content and settings’.

    4.) Now reconnect your iPhone. Your computer should think it’s a new device: one you’ve never used before and as far as it cares, one it’s never seen before. Now try clicking the update button again in iTunes. It should work with no problems.

    5) Now after updating to the latest release, restore your old settings by selecting Restore from Backup.

    As we said, the downside of this is that you have to pretty much set up your iDevice all over again, but it seems like it should be worth it. Let us know whether or not this works for you. If it does, awesome. If it doesn’t I’ll do whatever I can to get to the bottom of the issue.

    iOS 5 Reloaded!!!

    Dear iPhoners…… iOS 5 is in town officially. Reload your Internet connections and PCs and…… Chaaaaaaaaaaaaarge 🙂

    Adobe Delivers Flash Video to iPhone & iPad

    Adobe has finally figured out how to deliver Flash video to Apple’s iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. The company announced on Friday the release of Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, which makes it possible for content providers to use Flash to deliver video streams to many platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, and more.
    We should note right at the top that Adobe is not announcing (or delivering) Flash support on iOS devices. Apple has chosen not to support Flash on its mobile devices, citing a variety of issues centered around performance and battery life. Instead, Apple supports HTTP Live Streaming, which is what YouTube and other video streaming sites use to deliver their content to iPhones and iPads.
    What Adobe has done with Flash Media Server 4.5 is add in support for HTTP Live Streaming so that content providers can use the software to deliver their video streams in whatever form the user’s device supports. If a Mac or PC with Flash installed calls up the video stream, it will automatically be delivered via Flash. If an iOS device calls up the video stream, Adobe’s software will deliver it via HTTP Live Streaming, all without the content provider having to worry their pretty little heads about it.
    This is significant for Adobe, because it removes a reason for its customers to leave Flash behind entirely as the needs of iOS device owners increasingly dictate online standards. The company has simultaneously increased the relevancy of Flash, but has done so in a way that keeps the burden of supporting the technology on the server side.
    Please note (again) that this is not the same thing as “Flash on your iPhone.” Today’s announcement has nothing to do with playing Flash games on your iOS device or viewing other interactive Flash content. It is instead about delivering streaming video in a format that is already supported by iOS


    Is Android About to Get Crushed?


    This fall, smartphones are going to be better than they’ve ever been. That’s true every year, but iOS 5 and Windows Phone 7.5 are looking pretty fantastic. What about Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, though?

    We know a little bit about Ice Cream Sandwich, which seems focused on fixing a lot of the nagging issues in the Android world, like unifying its phone and tablet software, reducing fragmentation, and adding support for some neat integrations with other hardware in the real world. But that may not be enough to keep it from getting outclassed by the Cupertino Crusher and the scrappy Seattle upstart. It needs to be awesome.


    Face Recognition Coming to iOS 5 [REPORT]


    Apple is planning to include face detection capabilities in the next version of its smartphone/tablet platform, iOS 5, 9to5Mac has discovered.

    It is too early to tell exactly how the face recognition in iOS 5 will work, but it appears Apple plans to open it up to developers via several API controls, including a call for recognizing the position of the person’s eyes and mouth. This means that in the future we’ll be seeing iOS apps utilizing face detection from third-party developers and possibly from Apple itself.

    The technology behind this feature probably comes from Polar Rose, a Swedish face recognition company, which Apple acquired in 2010.

    Check out this video showcasing an augmented reality app called Recognizr, which Polar Rose co-developed.

    Apple’s iOS 5: all the details


    Scott Forstall has just taken the WWDC 2011 stage and details about the changes and improvements iniOS 5 are flowing thick and fast. Keep one tab in your browser locked to this post as we update it with all the new features, and throw another one open for our liveblog where you’ll get to see and read the very latest as it happens.


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