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Which Country Has the World’s Fastest Internet?

Which county has the world’s fastest Internet service? How about South Korea. That’s according to a new study from content delivery service Pando Networks that sampled some 35 petabytes of data from 27 million downloads and 224 countries. The service found that South Korea is top in the world in terms of download speed, averaging 17.62 Mbps.

Romania has the second fastest Internet speeds on the planet, clocking in at 15.27 Mbps, and a trio of Eastern European countries round out the top five, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia. The United States musters a very pedestrian 4.93 Mbps — good for 26th in the world — while China, home to the world’s largest Internet population, manages a dismal 1.96 Mbps.

The slowest Internet, according to the study, is in the Congo, with an average of just 13 KBps, a speed that would make even a 1990s dial-up Internet user cringe. Most of the world’s slowest countries on Pando’s list are located in Africa, where broadband access is sparse and mobile is often the most prevalent point of access for users. However, we suspect that the data from some countries may have suffered from too small a sample size for an accurate reading.

If you want the fastest Internet in the United States, head to Andover, Mass., the only American city to crack the top 10. Andover residents are downloading at a very speedy average of 22.41 Mbps. That pales in comparison to speeds in Seocho, South Korea, though, the fastest city on Earth at 33.5 Mbps.

Pando also sliced up the data by ISP, gathering data on 18,017 of them. The fastest in the U.S. is Verizon Internet Services, which offers users average downloads that are 153 Kilobytes per second faster than the next closest ISP on the list (Comcast). Those speeds are still almost five times slower the average connection offered by Dacom Corp. in South Korea, which takes the cake as the world’s fastest ISP by average download speed.

Pando provided Mashable with the infographic below illustrating some of the key findings in the report. The company also created an interactive map showing all of the findings.


Microsoft Office 365 Goes Live

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer launched the much-awaited Office 365 on Tuesday, after a beta program of about nine months, as the company responds — some critics say belatedly — to the rising popularity of cloud-based applications for collaboration and communication.


“Office 365 is where Office meets the cloud,” Ballmer said at an event in New York.

Office 365 is the next version of the BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) collaboration and communication suite. Among the main improvements in Office 365 is that its applications, including Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, are based on the 2010 version of their on-premise counterparts, while BPOS’ are based on the 2007 version. Office 365 also comes with Lync Online, which is an upgrade to Office Communications Online.


The Internet Of Things Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

So soon, in fact, that a team of Norwegian scientists are hard at work on a common platform called ISIS. What ISIS does is allow users to create and harmonize apps for all their connected items. This useful feature’s value is in keeping the multiplicity of things organized. That’s what lies at the heart of the internet of things—everything is connected.

ISIS stands for Infrastructure for Integrated Services and is a pet project of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. One of the key features of ISIS is an experimental programming tool called Arctis that allows apps to be made and synced together. The whole idea here is cohesion in the upcoming era of domestic computing (to con a phrase) where each and every gadget w euse are connected with the rest.

As technology goes, both ISIS and Arctis might both be buried in a mass of similar platforms that will emerge in the near future to address  the multiplicity of electronic devices in human lives. Once ISIS and its descendants are slated to become the norm, the Singularity won’t be far off. Uh oh.

15 Must know Firefox shortcuts


For many years I was a die-hard Safari fan, you couldn’t have pulled me away from it… that is, until Firefox came along. Firefox is speedy, secure, and entirely cross platform compatible, and is now my primary web browser of choice. One of the better ways to improve the user experience with any application is by learning some essential keyboard shortcuts, so here are fifteen such shortcuts for Firefox. Whether you are new to Firefox or a long time user, this list of keyboard shortcuts will likely be useful to you.

Must Know Firefox keyboard shortcuts
  • Spacebar (page down)
  • Shift + Spacebar (page up)
  • Command + D (bookmark current page)
  • Function + F5 (reload current page)
  • Command + T (open new tab)
  • Command + W (close current tab or window)
  • Control + Tab (navigate forward through browser tabs)
  • Control + Shift + Tab (navigate backward through browser tabs)
  • Command + K (go to search box)
  • Command + L (go to address bar)
  • Command + Enter (auto-complete URL within address bar)
  • Command + = (increase screen text size)
  • Command + – (decrease screen text size)
  • Command + F (find text)
  • Control + N (find next occurrence of text)

These commands will work on Linux and Windows versions of Firefox as well, simply use the Control key in place of the Command key where appropriate.

Fair Access Policy is being applied All over Kuwait

ISPs in Kuwait started applying Fair Access Policy all over Residential Clients.

These news were spreading between individuals, and some Bloggers in Kuwait wrote about it also, but it was all considered as rumors.

Now, no rumors anymore, ISPs started mentioning this on their websites, and when you call them they will tell you that this policy will be applied on few people who really abuse the bandwidth of the Internet aggressively.

you can check some of the FAP applied on Kuwait ISPs below:


Firefox 5 Desktop And Mobile Browser Beta Released

Mozilla has announced the release of its latest beta client for its Firefox 5 browser which is currently under development for both desktops and mobile devices, as part of Mozilla’s new accelerated release schedule.


The War of Web Browsers

This is a comparison between the Top 5 most famous web browsers:

– Firefox

– Chrome

– Safari

– Internet Explorer 8

– Opera


YouTube Adds 3,000 Movies to Its Rental Service

YouTube is adding 3,000 movies to its on-demand video rental service, pushing Google’s video platform into direct competition with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Apple.

The announcement confirms rumors from April that YouTube intended to launch an on-demand movie service with content from Sony, Warner, Universal and Lionsgate. YouTube’s new roster of films will go live Monday. The video service will also be hosting movie reviews and behind-the-scenes movie extras typically found in DVD and Blu-ray releases.

“You’re finding more and more of the content you love on YouTube, which is now available on 350 million devices,” the head of YouTube, Salar Kamangar, wrote in a blog post. “We know this because you’re watching videos to the tune of 2 billion views a day. But you’re spending just 15 minutes a day on YouTube, and spending five hours a day watching TV. As the lines between online and offline continue to blur, we think that’s going to change.”

YouTube’s rise was largely fueled by amateur content and cat videos. But the site has been increasingly focused on creating higher quality content by training its rising stars and bringing in premium content such as feature-length films. It has also been rumored to be working on adding “channels” to make it feel more like a TV destination.

An Incredible Way to Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks

If you use a lot of online services it also means that you have got a lot of passwords and usernames to remember. Aware of this issue, all Internet browsers have got a special feature which, as soon as you login your email account for example,  prompt you to save password and username so that, next time you will use the service again, the browser will fill in the login interface for you. However, while the username is fully displayed, the password is hidden by asterisks. Now, if for any reason you don’t remember such a password you won’t have any way to recover it. Usually, to get it back, you will have to buy a special piece of software. Recently, I have found an interesting, amazing piece of code which will reveal all your forgotten passwords hidden behind asterisk in your browser…in a couple of seconds and without spending a dime!


Osama Bin Laden’s Death Causes Major Internet Traffic Spike

Not surprisingly, news of Osama Bin Laden’s death resulted in a major spike in Internet traffic as users flocked to news sites for the latest information.



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