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Android 4 quietly rolling out to international Galaxy Note



The international Galaxy S II has already received the update to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, leaving the sized-up Galaxy Note behind on Android 2.3. Today, several European users are reporting that their devices have received an OTA update notification that brings their phone-tablet hybrid into 2012 with the Android 4.0 update.

Of course, this is a Samsung device, and Samsung has revamped their Touchwiz UI overlay for the Note, which looks a lot more like its Gingerbread variant. Other features in the upgrade include a new and improved S Note application, a new S Memo widget, and the Premium Suite Shape Match and My Story applications. Of course, you’ll get the performance improvements that come with ICS as well.

Owners of the AT&T-branded Galaxy Note will have to wait for the update to pass through carrier testing, which tends to add 1-3 months to the process. Hopefully that process has already begun, and AT&T Note owners will be getting their own taste of Ice Cream Sandwich very soon. We’re leaning towards the update coming sooner than later, as an AT&T-branded Galaxy Note was spotted at CTIA this week.


Samsung Keyboard One-handed Operation, Why it’s default!!<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

It has been noticed that with the latest updates for Samsung Galaxy Note, They were trying to push Samsung Keyboard in On-handed Operation as the default keyboard.


Many users were not able to adjust with that, since they got used to the old style already.

Therefore, here in this post we will be showing you how to disable this new feature and go back to the old keyboard.

– Go to Settings

Go to One-handed operation

Remove the check box from Samsung Keyboard

Now you got your old style keyboard back

Also you can check the below video which describe the same steps above in details.

Galaxy Note Middle East Finally gets the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Here it comes the latest Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich ICS for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 currently hitting in Middle East. This an update from last June version 4.0.3 N7000JPLPD. Its the same build and modem version that was also  released in North Africa but varies only with default CSC file.

This is a full Arabic language default firmware build for Galaxy Note users in Middle East. Its probably already being rolled out, the firmware is already loaded on Kies, so just check it out.


firmware info:
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
Country: United Arab Emirates – UAE
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBAXSG
Latest firmware: N7000JPLR8/N7000OJPLR8/N7000XXLRK/N7000JPLR8
Android version: 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
Build: 8/21/2012

Samsung announces new Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note Smartphone


Goodness, Samsung seems to be carpet bombing the smartphone and tablet right now – they will now have smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is already pretty great (read Albert’s review here), but there are always people who preferred the original Galaxy Tab’s 7 inch size – it is roughly the size of a notebook, whereas the 10 inch might be too big for some people’s tastes.

The biggest complaint of the original Galaxy Tab was that its operating system was not necessarily made for tablet implementation, something which bothered us as well. “Half-baked” was an apt term. Now that great size can be combined with the power of the Honeycomb tablet. Samsung also threw in a 1.4Ghz dual core processor, and a massive 5,100mAh battery, giving up to ten hours use. Running Android 3.2 it is also running the latest TouchWiz skin, which we are still on the fence about. Guess we have to try it out.


The device we are more excited about is the Galaxy Note phone, which will have a massive 5.3 inch AMOLED screen but more significantly a capacitative stylus. Obviously this will make it a very big phone to use, but if you have big hands it might be less of an issue, because it is still a very thin phone so it should be comfortable in your pocket. This is the closest someone has come to combining a tablet and smartphone in one device. That new screen packs a 1280 x 800 resolution – just to put that in perspective, that is still the resolution a Macbook Pro 13 inch screen ships with…

I highly recommend you check out the video:


If it is in any way close to as good as the Galaxy S2, Samsung might have a (slightly niche) winner on its hands.

What is next Samsung? A 12 inch tablet?

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