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Watani Online Goes Mobile Now!!!

It’s official now, NBK has declared their first Fully integrated mobile application. The application is designed for Apple iOS devices and Blackberry.


What you need to do to activate the application?

Hmm, let’s see. since I’m an iPhoner so I’m gonna tell how you should be doing it on iOS, which i believe would be much similar to Blackberry installation.

First, go to your NBK online website and logon to your account.


Second, go to Mobile Banking and choose Download Application


Select your device type and click on Send SMS (Make sure that your phone number registered with NBK is correct, otherwise you need to call them to update it for you before proceeding)


Third, you will receive an SMS which has the link to download the application, or simply just go to App Store and search for NBK and download the application.


Now After installation start the application on your phone and go to Enrollment.

you will find a registration code on your phone, now go to Watani Online again (from your PC) and go to Mobile Banking > Enrollment and type the registration code there


and then click on Submit.

Now, an authentication code is should appear. type the same in your mobile device application and choose enroll.

then you will be prompted to choose a password, make sure it’s complex (has letters, symbols and numbers)

Now you are ready


Also you will find that on your Watani Online webpage other options appeared under Mobile Banking which:


Forgot Password


Download Application


Fix it in one Hour or get a replacement!!!

Yes, this is what the latest Axiom offer says:

Buy a Blackberry from their side, and incase if you face any problem with the device, get it fixed in 1 hour or get a replacement.

We believe that’s a very BOLD offer 😉

Axiom is located in The Avenues 1st Phase beside Cinescape.


Apple unveils iMessage, its BBM competitor, at WWDC


It’s here, the moment BlackBerry owners been waiting for since the original iPhone launched: iMessage. Apple has just announced its new data-based push messaging service at WWDC, which looks to be a full-on competitor to the venerable BBM. This service works on an iOS device of any flavor, and lets you send text messages, photos, videos, and contacts to anyone else with one too. It also supports group chats and integrates with the new Notification Center in iOS 5. According to Scott Forstall, it “works over WiFi or 3G, in case you were wondering,” which is yet another blow for RIM. The final nail in the coffin for those of you who simply ‘can’t live without BBM:’ delivery and read confirmations. Boom.

BlackBerry to integrate Bing services at the OS level


Steve Ballmer made an appearance yesterday at BlackBerry World 2011 and after briefly pimping Windows Phone live on stage, announced a partnership between Microsoft and RIM to integrate Bing into BlackBerry products. In addition to making Bing the default search and map provider for all BlackBerry devices going forward, the services will be added at the OS level instead of being bundled as a series of apps. This will provide features ranging from voice and location-aware search to panorama stitching. It also suggests that we’ll likely see another iteration of the BlackBerry OS beyond version 7 — based onQNX, perhaps? — sometime before the holidays.


Playbook/iPad offer @ Comtel

Comtel, which is not very well known for Kuwait residents, announced brilliant prices for Tablet devices.


iPad 3G 64GB with free leather case for 200KD

Blackberry Playbook 16GB for 145KD

iPad 2 3G 32GB for 205KD


Blackberry Playbook fairy tale @ Eureka

And let’s the fun begin. I doubt you’ll find better prices for Blackberry Playbook in Kuwait



Sony unveils its first tablets in bid to compete with Apple’s iPad

Today one of my friends told me that he’s so dissapointed because there’s no post about Sony new tablet in our Site. Brian, this is for you man :)

Sony revealed Tuesday two Google Android-based touchscreen tablets, which will released this fall in an attempt to catch up to Apple’s year-long head start with the iPad.



Cheapest Blackberry Playbook in Kuwait @ Blink

Just saw that Blink is selling Blackberry Playbook 16GB WiFi for 199KD only.

check it out here

RIM Sells 50K PlayBook Tablets on First Day Amid Little Inventory, Ads

So, after all the bad reviews and the tear-down, how are consumers reacting to RIM’s PlayBook tablet as an iPad alternative? The device sold between 45,000 and 50,000 on its first day, two analyst have publicly stated. However other observers (which preferred to remain unnamed) see the figures as too high, especially given its limited availability and exposure.


Looxcie Puts a Camera in a Bluetooth Headset


A tiny company called Looxcie (look-see, get it?) has just launched a really interesting Bluetooth accessory that lets you record and share video right from the side of your head.


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