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How to remove unneeded programs in Windows XP


The removal of an unneeded programs from a computer with a Windows XP operating system can be accomplished by using two different methods.  The first method should be used by anyone with considerable knowledge or is comfortable with recognizing files associated with certain programs.  The second method is using the Control Panel to remove unneeded programs, and it is the most practical method used for program removal on a computer with Windows XP.

The first method is more of a brute force way of removing unneeded programs.  First step, you should locate the source file of the program by clicking on start menu, and navigate your way to the heading titled My Computer. You would click on the icon that resembles your hard drive, and is usually labeled with a “C”.   Your next step would be to click on the folder labeled Program files.  You would click on the file that contains the program that you are trying to delete.  The folder is usually titled with the same name  as the program you are attempting to remove.  You would highlight the folder and then click delete to remove the program. IYou will restart your computer as a final step to ensure changes will take place.

There is an advantage and disadvantage to using the brute force method of removing a program from your computer.  The advantage of using a brute force method for removing an unwanted programs is it quick. The disadvantage of using the brute force method, you sometimes will risk deleting a program needed by your computer to function properly; therefore, the brute force method is only recommended for anyone that has an advanced knowledge of the computer, software and Windows XP.

The second method for removing a program is with the use of the Control Panel. First step is to click on the Start Menu.  You should see the Control Panel as choice on the Start Menu; therefore, click on the Control Panel, and navigate your way to Add or Remove Programs.  By clicking on the Add or Remove Program, you will reveal a list of programs that are loaded on your computer.  You would locate the program you are attempting to remove, and select the program by clicking on the Currently Installed program box.  You can click on Remove to remove the program from your computer. In most cases, your computer must be restarted for the changes to take place.

The advantages of removing unneeded programs via the Control Panel are, it is most practical, easily understood by all users, and widely accepted method for removing programs from a computer with a Windows XP operating system. The disadvantage for using the Control Panel method is some programs can be pesky such as malicious programs that cannot be removed by using the Control Panel method. It would require an advanced knowledge of the computer and software to remove malicious programs that is meant to cause harm to your computer. The Control Panel method will easily remove unneeded programs from your computer under the correct circumstances.

Apple’s iOS App Store reaches a half-million approved apps

148apps, Chomp and Chillingo on Tuesday sent out a large infographic to commemorate the achievement, revealing that the average price for an application is $3.64, while 37 percent of all applications are free. Though Apple is believed to have approved more than 500,000 applications, the amount of active applications available in the App Store is roughly 400,000.

The stats also reveal that it would cost $891,982.24 and over 7 terabytes to get all applications available in the App Store. And unsurprisingly, top-selling paid application by far is Angry Birds, which has held the No. 1 spot for 275 total days.

In comparison, Google’s Android Market has about 294,000 applications, and 3 billion application downloads.


10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On Your iPad

What is usually the first thing everyone that gets a new iPad wants to know? Which apps to get. But there are still some cool things that you can do with your iPad, even without buying a single app.  I’m not talking about well-known features like Multitasking, Folders,Airplay, Airprint, or even the new HD Mirroring capability of the iPad 2. Instead, here are ten, hidden in plain sight, secret features of the iPad 2. You maybe aware of one or two, but let’s see if you knew about all ten.


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