Android now paying the price for iOS similarities

Summary: Jobs wanted to destroy Android, and it seems that things haven’t changed under Tim Cook’s leadership.

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

This is what Steve Jobs thought of Android, as recounted in Walter Isaacson’s biography of the late Apple CEO. Since these words were uttered, Apple has been involved in an intense legal battle with Google and other device makers over Android, and it seems that the courts are siding with Apple that Android is indeed ‘a stolen product.’

The latest battle has been over this simple user interface element:


That ’slide to unlock’ mechanism is a feature that was put into the Android mobile platform, and now a German court has ruled that Motorola’s use of this on certain devices infringes on Apple’s patent. This is bad news for Android because it could mean that Android device sales in Germany could be halted.

Note: The ruling doesn’t apply to Motorola’s Xoom tablet because that uses the Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” software and is unlocked by dragging a padlock icon out of a circle.

How Apple is approaching Android litigation is at polar opposites to the tactic undertaken by Microsoft. Microsoft is happy to license patents and collect royalties from Android handset makers, turning the platform into a cash cow. Apple on the other hand doesn’t seem interested in licensing patents, preferring litigation to make life difficult for Android handset makers. Jobs wanted to destroy Android, and it seems that things haven’t changed under Tim Cook’s leadership. The company seems committed to waging a long-term war on Android.

Anyone who has used both Android and iOS can’t help but notice how much of a similarity there is between the two platforms, and it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Android was, at the very least, inspired by iOS. And now Android is paying the price.

But Android isn’t the only platform that seems to be benefiting from ‘borrowing’ ideas from Apple. What about the Windows 8 unlock screen? Every time I swipe to unlock, it reminds me of unlocking my iPhone or iPad … and it’s hard to imagine that folks at Apple haven’t noticed this.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the world back in 2007, and he said ‘boy, have we patented it,’ he wasn’t kidding. And now Android is reaping the whirlwind of that patenting extravaganza.

Science Says Video Games Are Good For Your Eyes


Researchers recently reported findings that playing first-person shooters can help your eyesight.

Scientists took six subjects with cataract disorders and asked them to play Medal of Honor for 40 hours over the course of a month. The subjects played the game for two hours a day, five days a week, for a month. Daphne Maurer of McMaster University in Canada who led the study said that playtime was limited becasue she didn’t want to the patients to become addicted to the game. That’s also probably the reason they chose Medal of Honor instead of Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty, I assume.

Five of the six participants showed improvement after the month was up. “They were able to recognize faces more easily, as well as make out small print and judge the direction of moving dots.” This is good news for EA. They can now put a bullet on the back Medal of Honor boxes that reads, “improves eyesight!”

Maurer said, “the visual nervous system is still plastic enough to either form or reveal connections in adulthood….and we suspect that might be true for any kind of visual defect.”

The next step for Maurer and her team is to create, “the perfect vision-improving non-violent video game.” Someone should show them Portal and Portal 2.

The…. Experience with!!<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Recently I decided to try a couple of online stores in Kuwait to evaluate them and give to the users my feedback.

Unfortunately I started with, because based on how large their experience are, and the number of the stores available in Kuwait, I had the feeling that they should be the best.

I found a great deal on one of the products, so I placed the order.

The order took place on 6th of November 2012 as shown below from their confirmation e-mail:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 4 59 08 PM

Now we will go to the tricky part, The delivery is mentioned to be happening from 24 – 48 Hours, Which is a grey area in my opinion. Some other online shops tells you exactly whether to to deliver it within 24 Hours or within 4 Hours and they give you the choice, but here you are forced to obey the rules and just wait.

I waited the whole 7th of November for them to call me and arrange for a delivery time but they didn’t, so I decided to call them on 1803535 to check when is the delivery time.

First one lady answered the call and after I gave her the information about my order she told me that the order will be delivered within 48 hours, which again give you a message to sit and pray to be in the top list of the their delivery names.

At night, in the same day the 7th I decided to call again and see if it’s possible to go and pick the item my self from any of the shops. A gentleman answered my call and I told him about my situation and he promised to let the delivery department call me to let me know the time of the delivery. Within 10 Minutes, I received a phone call from Delivery department and they told me that it will be delivered on 8th of November 2012 morning. I was so happy and I told all my friends about their great response time, and how they were positive in satisfying my needs.

On 8th of November I kept waiting for the delivery, the whole morning, but it never happened. At 6:37 PM I decided to call them and let them know that I didn’t get my item yet.

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 12 43 PM

They told me that they will inform the delivery department and they will get back to me.

I received a call from them at 7:16 PM, and they informed me that they are sorry that my item is not available in stock and they are trying to find one stock available to ship it to me. Therefore they will be returning the money I paid using my KNET to my WebStore Credit on their website within 2 business days so I can buy another item from their online store.

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 19 49 PM

Today is 11th of November 2012, and on my account on it’s still showing that the item I bought is still processing:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 23 02 PM

And also when I go to me Webstore Credit it shows the following:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 25 01 PM

All those calls happened between me and them is supposed to be recorded as per the message we receive before answering our calls, so XCITE management can go back to the calls and check if I was not telling the truth.

After my experience with them, which maybe was because of bad luck, I do recommend if you need to buy anything from XCITE, you have to go and pick it your self from their showrooms. Otherwise it doesn’t worth buying from their online store.

XCITE is the best Electronic shop in Kuwait, especially when you get their extended warranties they offer. But sorry to say that their online store is the worse in Kuwait so far.

Later on I will be posting some other experiences with other online stores in Kuwait.



After I posted this article, I was surprised when I saw that the money were added to my WebStore credit and the order status is changed to Closed as shown below:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 8 08 11 PM

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 8 08 29 PM


This changes only one fact that they did what they promised, but they never gave me the item I wanted.

Apple’s iPhone Business Alone Is Now Bigger Than All Of Microsoft

Apple’s iPhone business alone is now bigger than Microsoft.

Not Windows. Not Office. Microsoft.

Think about that.

The iPhone did not exist five years ago. And now it’s bigger than a company that, 15 years ago, was dragged into court and threatened with forcible break-up because it had amassed an unassailable and unthinkably profitable monopoly.

The iPhone also appears to be considerably more profitable than Microsoft.

In the December quarter, Apple’s iPhone business generated $24.4 billion of revenue. Microsoft’s whole company, meanwhile, from Windows to Office to servers to XBox, generated $20.9 billion.

If we assume that Apple generates the same operating profit margin on its iPhone business that it generates on its overall business–38%–the iPhone business generated about $9.3 billion of profit in the December quarter.

All of Microsoft, meanwhile, generated only $8.2 billion.


It was not long ago that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was fending off those observing that Apple’s market capitalization was closing in on Microsoft’s by saying that, regardless of market cap, Microsoft’s business was much bigger and more profitable.

Not anymore.

Now, Apple’s business (in Q4) is more than twice the size of Microsoft’s–$46 billion to $21 billion–and more than twice as profitable: $17 billion to $8 billion.

And, needless to say, Apple’s market cap now dwarfs Microsoft’s. (Although, interestingly, Apple’s market cap is not yet 2X Microsoft’s, despite the difference in revenue, profitability, and growth rates. The market still appears to be concerned that Apple’s “closed system” is vulnerable to the same sort of disruption by Android and other more open systems that Apple’s Mac business was back in the 1990s).

What’s just as remarkable here is that Apple invented the iPhone business out of thin air in 2007. This is not an old product category. It’s a completely new one. Which means that Microsoft or anyone else could have invented it.

(The same can be said for the more recently introduced iPad, which is now cleaning Microsoft’s clock in that category, too.)

For the first decade of Steve Ballmer’s reign at Microsoft, some folks cut him a break for the company’s stagnant stock price by observing that the market had changed. But the market changed for Apple, too, and Apple innovated two huge new product lines, one of which is now bigger and more profitable than Microsoft’s entire business. So Steve can’t be cut a break for that anymore.


Microsoft just plain missed these markets (iPhone and iPad). And Apple created them. And it turns out that, at least for now, they are much more valuable and lucrative markets than the ones Microsoft dominated.


The other mistake Microsoft made, one that ultimately could be far more devastating, is that it became obsessed with the wrong competitor.

For the past decade, Microsoft has obsessively targeted Google as Enemy No. 1, blowing more than $10 billion trying to compete with Google’s amazing search engine.

Microsoft has made some progress, but not much–and it is still losing $2 billion a year on the effort. And, meanwhile, a once-forgotten company has blown past it in business lines that much closer and more threatening to Microsoft’s core businesses–Apple.

Microsoft still has a strong hold on the enterprise market, and it may now be able to rededicate itself to that market and try to withstand the Apple and Google onslaught.

But regardless of what happens, Microsoft can only now look up in awe and realize that a product that was introduced 5 years ago and that Steve Ballmer famously dissed is now larger and more profitable than Microsoft’s whole company.

Nokia Lumia 710 Released


Let us introduce you to the Nokia Lumia 710, the fun, funky younger sibling of the Lumia 800. With the Lumia 710, a different day means a different look with easily swapped Xpress covers giving your handset an injection of colour, you can even match them up with your start screen. Speaking of the screen, it’s gorgeous; Nokia’s ClearBlack display lets you see clearly, even in bright sunlight – so you’ll never miss a beat as you tweet, share, like, check in and keep your friends in the loop whilst on the move. With Windows Phone your social networks are so easy to manage you’ll wonder how you had time to do it before. Natasha Lomas of CNET says “it’s well built, runs on easy-to-use Windows Phone, and comes with free music, sat-nav and mapping apps.”

The Nokia Lumia 710 is available to buy now. Plus, the good news is that the fun doesn’t stop with an eye catching new phone either – you can enjoy thousands of different apps from social to gaming, productivity to entertainment in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

iPad 3 Processor and Specifications: Leaked Photos

According to rumors, the third-generation iPad will be launched on February 24. This day is the birth date of Steve Jobs, iGenius who changed the world for better.


iPads House is closely following all the iPad 3 release rumors, as there are no official news yet. Apple keeps it a secret, while the internet is still roamed by leaked photos of the new tablet computer.

What are the specifications of this long awaited tablet computer? A lot of fans can’t wait to see some curious details about the next gen device. Thanks to various websites, we can see images of the upcoming gadget. But no one can tell for sure if these images are true or false.

Some folks received this picture, according to which the iPad 3 specifications are as shown below.


What does this picture say or predict about the upcoming iDevice? First of all, it mentions that the new tablet will get a Quad-core processor. Besides, it will support Wi-Fi just like the previous models and, this is pretty cool, LTE capability.


If you follow all the news about Apple gadgets, you have most likely heard about two iPads planned to be released by the company in 2012. According to rumors, one tablet computer is going to be a mid-range budgeted gadget, and the other will feature high end iPad 3 specifications.


Both models are referred to as J1 and J2. You might also call them iPad 3_1 and iPad 3_2.

So one gadget will be an ordinary Wi-Fi iDevice with a Quad-core A6 processor known as S5L8945X, while the other will also support advanced LTE technology.

Why Microsoft’s Kinect Is the Next Big Thing In Gaming

My issues with motion gaming have prompted me to turn my back on the Wii. In fact, I haven’t even seen my Wii in well over a year, since it’s been sitting in my closet with the rest of the obsolete and boring consoles I’ve bought over the years.


Sony’s PlayStation Move is similarly useless to me. The wands add no value to my gaming experience and as far as I’m concerned, should be relegated to the junk heap in the PlayStation 4.

And now, we move to the Kinect. I’ve said here before that while the Kinect comes with a really cool technology, I’m not a fan of the peripheral. I do, however, acknowledge — like the Wii — that there are some people out there that see some value in a product like the Kinect.

But what saddens me is that Microsoft’s motion-gaming peripheral is, well, the next big thing in gaming.

Microsoft is doubling down on the Kinect. A software development kit that allows PC software developers to take advantage of the device’s technology is in the wild, and there is a very good chance that it might also become the go-to device for laptops.

In the beginning, that might mean PC gaming will be enhanced, but I can also see the device becoming a useful accessory for those developing other programs across a wide array of industries, including medical, manufacturing, and retail.

But it’s that gaming element that keeps holding me up.

According to the latest rumors, it’s possible Microsoft will launch the Xbox 720 with a Kinect camera built into the console. What’s more, there is some speculation that Sony might try to find a way to come close to matching the Kinect’s controller-less functionality.

Add that to the fact that the Kinect is selling exceedingly well and it quickly becomes clear that it could very well be Microsoft’s ticket to gaming dominance in the coming years.

I hate to say it, but the Microsoft Kinect is the next big thing in gaming. It’s already changed how console makers think, and it’s well on its way to transforming Windows PCs. But it’s the fact that it might play an even greater role in the next generation that’s enough to make me cringe

Samsung Keyboard One-handed Operation, Why it’s default!!<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

It has been noticed that with the latest updates for Samsung Galaxy Note, They were trying to push Samsung Keyboard in On-handed Operation as the default keyboard.


Many users were not able to adjust with that, since they got used to the old style already.

Therefore, here in this post we will be showing you how to disable this new feature and go back to the old keyboard.

– Go to Settings

Go to One-handed operation

Remove the check box from Samsung Keyboard

Now you got your old style keyboard back

Also you can check the below video which describe the same steps above in details.

Setting Up your Face Recognition unlock feature in Android 4.0 devices

One of the most innovative and impressing features of the new Android OS (4.0 and later), is the Face Recognition screen unlock:

Isn’t it amazing to have your device locked with your facial details!!

In the past, Android owners have made use of PIN numbers or swipes or patterns to protect their phones. But now, with Ice Cream Sandwich, you can use your own beautiful mug to unlock your Device.

Below we are going to show you how to get it set up on your Android 4.0 Smartphone.


1- First thing’s first. Head to the Settings on your device. It should look similar to what you see below. Once you’re there, you’ll want to select Security.


2- You will now see a bunch of Security options. Select Screen lock.


3- You will be brought to a screen like this, presenting you with a variety of security options. Face Unlock is what you’re here for so select Face Unlock.


4- Google will then tell you that Face Unlock is now as secure as your other options. But that’s cool right? Right. Select Set it up.


5- You’ll now be taken to a screen that gives you some hints on how to setup the photo of your face that will act as the unlocking mechanism on your phone. Take heed and select Continue.


6- You will then see your beautiful face, courtesy of your device’s front facing camera. If you followed step 5, you be taken to the below screen within a couple of seconds. It took me one or two tries. Hit Continue.


7- You’ll then be presented with this screen. This screen is important since this will be your backup for when Face Unlock doesn’t work. It doesn’t happen often but it does, so choose wisely. PIN is exactly what you think it is. You enter a numerical password and then use that to unlock your phone. Pattern is the familiar series of swipes.


8- Assuming you can follow directions, you will be met with this screen. You should be proud. That’s all it takes folks. You’ll now be able to unlock your Android 4.0 smartphone with your beautiful face.


Oh, and don’t forget to hit OK.

Now Google tried to be more innovative in Jelly Bean, so they came up with Face Detection with a blink!!

Yes you have to wink to your android device as you are doing to your girlfriend , to unlock you device.

I guess Girlfriends are going to have more competitors in a very short time 😉

This new feature is a part of Face Unlock and it’s called a “Liveness check”.

Google is highlighting this feature as a security strength to their Face Unlock, since it makes sure you’re a real, live person before unlocking your device. As we all know, photos can’t blink, so in theory this should enhance the practical security of Face Unlock.

To enable this feature , just check the box beside Liveness Check which is found under Security.


Now, do it, Have fun, and be Secured 🙂

Sync your Android phone contacts with iCloud<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

For so many people they used to have an iPhone along with a secondary Android phone, or vice versa. One of the challenges those people used to face is to maintain the same contacts on both devices, and to keep them in-sync.

Some of them used to have the very easy google sync running directly from their PC or mac to their google account and then from the google account to their Android phone, until Apple and Google decided to put a stop to that… bit of a shame as the iPhone was syncing to the PC or mac and then through to google and their Android phone and back again.

At long last, after much frustration having had sync to google contacts screwed by the apple and google platform spat we managed to get iCloud Contact Sync working on Android phone.

On Android, install a CardDav app, this one is great and free.

Screen Shot 2012 11 07 at 1 07 08 AM

1. Add an account in CardDav.
2. For Server name enter
3. Make sure SSL is checked.
4. For username enter your iCloud username (example
5. For password enter your iCloud password.
6. Make sure that one way syncing is selected (from server to phone) as the developer can’t guarantee 100% two-way syncing.
7. Press Ok, wait a few seconds for it to confirm.


Away you go – your iCloud contacts now sync with your Android phone, it may take a few minutes for them to show up. And by the way this should work for every single CardDav compatible device.

Have fun.

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