This wireless viewfinder interchangable Lens system (WVIL) along with the camera is a stunning concept beyond bounderies.When the lens is physically attached to the outer frame of the body via the included mount the camera start behaving  just like other cmaeras we are familiar with .The focus and zoom would be undertaken using the lens ring and such things as aperture and shutter speed would be adjusted using buttons and dials on the body.

















When unmounted, though, the lens and 31 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor module uses wireless technology to communicate with the 5-inch AMOLED, high definition touchscreen display docked in the outer frame of the body. This would allow the display to behave as a wireless viewfinder for the lens/sensor, offering a virtual onscreen representation of the lens control ring and other processes and possibly leading to all sorts of previously unavailable unique and interesting photo opportunities.The aluminum and magnesium alloy outer frame plays host to the lens locking mount, physical control buttons, wireless antennas (for WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and so on), micro-SDHC storage and contains a battery pack. As the touchscreen display itself would have its own battery, it needn’t necessarily be docked at all to control the functions of the lens/sensor.