If you have dreamed of one day having a real Iron Man style suit to endow you with superhuman strength, the wait may not be too much longer.

We’ve seen lots of Iron Man style wannabees over the last few years, but the XOS 2 from Sarcos Raytheon looks like the closest thing to a real product so far.

This improved version of the original XOS is stronger, lighter, more damage resistant, and uses only half the power of its predecessor. It’s still tethered to an external power supply, which trades mobility for a lot more power and longer running time.

The good news is that Sarcos just announced that they expect to start shipping XOS 2 within about five years, and that an untethered version could be about 10 years out. Come to think of it, isn’t that what they said almost five years ago?

Obviously the military will be getting first dibs on the initial production, but eventually we should be able to get what would be the all time ultimate Halloween costume for ourselves.