If your looking for a way to help the environment (kinda) and listen to jams at the same time you should check out Trash Amps. Rather than wasting new materials, Trash Amps turn your old soda cans and carryout boxes into “ridiculously loud” portable speaker systems! Head past the break for more images and a video.

The part that goes inside the can is called an “insert” and that’s exactly what you do with it — insert it in your favorite can of soda and you’ve got a neat little custom speaker for your smartphone or iPod. The insert alone will set you back about 50 bucks and you can buy a separate “grill” to class it up a bit. The Trash Amps website even has pre-chopped cans for $4 if you’re too lazy to do it yourself.

If you don’t want to risk slicing you fingers while cutting the top off a can, you can buy a combo pack consisting of all three parts — can, black grill and insert — for the same $50 the insert costs all by it’s lonesome. This is clearly the way to go, unless you don’t like the black grill and you want to choose from the numerous color options available for $3.

On top of being portable speakers for mobile devices, Trash Amps also have the ability to amplify your electric guitar! Watch the video below to see a Trash Amp in action and get all the details. Then, head over to if you’re impressed enough order one up.