Samsung Electronics is currently working on Samsung Galaxy S lll Smartphone for 2012 release along with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G for later in 2011, according to the confirmation by J.K. Shin, president of Samsung’s mobile communications division. J.K. Shin gave the following statement to Newswires in an exclusive interview, saying that:

Samsung may launch a third version of its Galaxy S Smartphone in the first half of next year after launching a second-generation version called Galaxy S II last month.” He added “The race for 4G (fourth-generation) has already started, and 4G transition is inevitable particularly for tablets because it requires faster download speeds than Smartphones to handle bigger volume content.

According to the Shin, Samsung’s next generation tablet will support 4G, which will allow faster data transfers. However it has not been confirmed that what type of 4G hardware will company use. It is also expected that Samsung Galaxy S lll will be shipped in the first quarter of next year. This announcement comes after the sale of 1.3 million units in the first month of its introduction. The Samsung Galaxy S ll is no doubt a brilliant Smartphone and comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread on-board. You can check out its full specifications here.

Anyhow no one currently knows that what Samsung Galaxy S lll will be coming with but it is for sure that it will at least have quad-core chip inside it alongside a ton of other beastly features. Lastly Shin also pointed that company will be releasing a 4G LTE-equipped Tab 10.1 and 8.9 later this year but we all know it since CTIA. More news as we get it.