We had our hands on what supposed to be iOS concept presentation. By looking at it you will feel that Apple really listens to iPhone users and they are there to make their wishes come true.

The Main features which are mentioned in this (supposed to be) upgrade are:

Lock Screen:

Notifications are added now so you don’t have to unlock you iPhone in-order to check them out.



We don’t fully agree with this feature, since the icon style was an Apple trade mark. Now you will be able to add widgets to your Home screen. well, let’s see how the people will be responding to this.



Basically it’s a one shortcut for all your Applications installed on your iPhone



The search will be rolling from top to down, like the Android OS style.


Quick Settings:

this will be replacing the place of Search page in the older version, when you scroll from left to right.



They added new feature, like editing and Faces and Places similar to iPhotos in Mac.


Also they added some extra features for Battery, Lock Screen.


Black List:

Finallyyyyyy, this was a must have feature in iPhone, and guess what I think it’s there now


Recent Call list:

Again thank you apple for this, you can remove a record of one call and not like before that you were forced to clear all call list.


You can check the whole presentation here