Since the launch of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab, which had a 7 inch touch-screen, two new versions have been announced with both a 8.9 inch and 10 inch versions due to launch shortly.


Samsung has now confirmed that the 10.1 inch version will run on Android 3.1, which is the latest version of Android for tablets.  The 3.0 range of Android operating systems were custom made to take advantage of the extra power and larger screens featured on tablets.


Google Android 3.1 will improved the tablet in a number of ways including  a newly improved user-interface that is more efficient and easier to use. Also the interface now supports audible feedback making it easier to navigate , especially for people with bad sight.


The flagship new feature is the new support for USB devices including mice, keyboards and gaming controllers (PS3 and XBOX controllers). Externally powered USB devices are also supported including docking stations and hard-drives. The new feature automatically detects when a USB device is connected and will install it automatically and bring up the relevant application.


Many applications have also been improved including email, browser and it also has improved WiFi security.


Whether this announcement means that the 8.9 inch version will also launch on Android 3.1 we don’t know. However, if we do here more information here at 3G we’ll let you know.


The 10.1 inch version of Samsung’s tablet will launch in the US on June 8th with the UK release unconfirmed.