It’s hard to put into words just how stoked we were when the trailer for Modern Wafare 2 hit. Even if it turned out to be a bit of a tangled mess in the plot department, it had heart. Plus, we were just coming off the first Modern Warfare, which to this day is probably only matched by Bioshock in creating narrative exclusively using gameplay. Modern Warfare 3 looks… bigger. Certainly explodier. And better-traveled. But it’s a lot more generic too.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer

At least from where were standing, its pretty clear Activision wanted to brute force their way through this thing. The voice over is kept to a minimum, as probably will the effort put into the narrative. Its World War 3, everyones fighting everyone in major capitals of the world, plot would probably just get in the way. Although we would absolutely love to be proven wrong.