According to new research completed by Dan Zarrella, almost 1 in 3 posts to the site come from mobile devices.

The research is based on a random sampling of more than 70,000 Facebook posts, large enough to generate a 99 percent confidence interval with a plus or minus .5 percent margin of error. In other words, this is likely to be fairly accurate.

Most surprising from the analysis was that the vast majority of these updates came through, not through smartphone devices (although iPhone and Android accounted for close to nine percent total).

So how is this changing over time? Unfortunately, we aren’t sure, but I’d be confident in guessing that mobile Facebook usage is continuing to grow rapidly.

BlackBerry, the device that parent company Research In Motion has been taking a lot of slack for lately, was actually the third most popular mobile device.

Given that Facebook employees themselves used to mostly use BlackBerry, it’s not surprising to see such statistics.

Personally, I’m an iPhone user and fairly satisfied with the Facebook mobile experience on it, however it looks like the vast majority of users still use “dumb phones” or simply prefer to use Facebook on their desktops.