Sony’s SmartWatch Accessory for Android Phones


The SmartWatch is part of Sony‘s Smart Extras for their Xperia smartphones.  The SmartWatch connects to an Android phone via Bluetooth and shows you information about incoming calls, and lets you see emails, weather, Twitter and Facebook updates, and even the time.  You can even control music playback with the SmartWatch.  It has a cliplike the one on Apple’s iPod nano, so you can clip it onto your bag’s strap.  Or you can buy one of Sony’s optional watchbands, available in several colors, and wear it on your arm.  It  fits on any 20mm watch strap, if you have one you already like.  The SmartWatch doesn’t have a speaker orheadphone jack, but you can listen to the music on your smartphone with a Bluetooth headset.  You can even buy apps for the SmartWatch from the Android Market.  The SmartWatch should be available in Q1 of 2012.  The Sony website doesn’t show a price yet.

Omnio’s WOWKeys keyboard now shipping, ready to dock your iPhone for $100


Remember that Omnio WOWKeys keyboard we mentioned back in November — the one that brings full-sized QWERTY functionality to your iPhone or iPod Touch? Well, it’s now available for your consumption. Once you lock your iDevice into the port on the right, it will automatically begin charging and syncing with iTunes. From there, you can start typing text directly into your handheld, or use the keyboard’s twelve hotkeys to control music playback functions, turn off the display, or switch between PC and iPhone mode. You can even use your mobile’s touchscreen as a trackpad for your Mac or PC, though you’ll need an app like Mobile Mouse Pro to do so. Basically, it’s an EeeKeyboard. All told, this kind of synergy will cost you around $100, so if you’re interested, hit the source link for more details, or head past the break for a pretty cringe-inducing video.


The Power Play Continues

This is so simple. Continuance is a set of batteries with a USB interface on the side. The batteries are rechargeable plus dole out some juice to stranded gadgets that are starved of power. Handy, compact and a totally do-able concept! Kudos!



New Cheaper, Simpler Phonophone Amplifies Your iPhone Without Batteries

Three years ago we showed the original Phonophone, which amplified your iPod without batteries. The science behind it was the same as those old record players with the big horn; Wikipedia explained that “Acoustic horns convert large pressure variations with a small displacement into a low pressure variation with a large displacement.” But the original Phonophone was large and expensive at $875.

Now the designers contradict their own motto, “To put a song in your heart, and a hole in your wallet”, by introducing Phonophone III for only $195.

The origins of Science and Sons are obscure; three years ago their website described it thusly:

“Today, If anything at all, [Science and Sons] is mostly a Toronto based design collaborative between Heather Schibli and Tristan Zimmermann. The couple claim that rumors of their binge drinking, legendary decadence, and tumultuous romance should not draw focus away from the values of their creative pursuits.”

Today they simply say:

“We truly excel at generating the bestest ideas, drinking the freshest coffee and playing the squashest racquets.” More at Science and Sons, where you can also see the hilarious but NSFW Park Planters.

OWLE – Unlock the artistic potential of your mobile media device

The OWLE Bubo is a camera mount that brings the best features of a camcorder to the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4: stability, optics, microphones and tripods! The OWLE Bubo is made of a solid piece of aluminum, making it virtually indestructible. The OWLE Bubo comes standard with 37mm lens threading, as well as a 0.45x wide angle/ macro lens combination. This is a real piece of optics, delivering stunning images with better color saturation, contrast and sharpness than is possible with the iPhone’s camera alone. The wide angle lens accepts 49mm screw in filters which are sold separately. The OWLE Bubo provides 4 x 1/4″-20 female threaded mounting holes (1 on top and bottom of each of the 2 hand grips), as well as having a cold shoe mount and recesses allowing access to important areas such as the 3.5mm jack and bottom port of your iPhone while the iPhone is docked within the Bubo. Unseating the iPhone from the OWLE Bubo is easy even for those the thickest fingers thanks to the ergonomic access port. Watch the videos below to learn more!


Looxcie Puts a Camera in a Bluetooth Headset


A tiny company called Looxcie (look-see, get it?) has just launched a really interesting Bluetooth accessory that lets you record and share video right from the side of your head.


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