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Science Says Video Games Are Good For Your Eyes


Researchers recently reported findings that playing first-person shooters can help your eyesight.

Scientists took six subjects with cataract disorders and asked them to play Medal of Honor for 40 hours over the course of a month. The subjects played the game for two hours a day, five days a week, for a month. Daphne Maurer of McMaster University in Canada who led the study said that playtime was limited becasue she didn’t want to the patients to become addicted to the game. That’s also probably the reason they chose Medal of Honor instead of Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty, I assume.

Five of the six participants showed improvement after the month was up. “They were able to recognize faces more easily, as well as make out small print and judge the direction of moving dots.” This is good news for EA. They can now put a bullet on the back Medal of Honor boxes that reads, “improves eyesight!”

Maurer said, “the visual nervous system is still plastic enough to either form or reveal connections in adulthood….and we suspect that might be true for any kind of visual defect.”

The next step for Maurer and her team is to create, “the perfect vision-improving non-violent video game.” Someone should show them Portal and Portal 2.

PSP Vita @ X-Cite


For Video Games lovers, you can Pre-Order the long awaited Device, Sony PSP Vita @ X-Cite.

The device is released in two versions, Wi-Fi & 3G.

The prices announced by X-Cite are, 147KD for 3G and 120KD for Wi-Fi.

You can Pre-Order online by visiting their website here

The First People to Review Uncharted 3 Gave it a 9.9 Out of 10

This article is a dedication to my friend Shahid 🙂


Something is wrong with Uncharted 3. The big PlayStation 3 action-adventure game coming out on Nov. 1 from the folks at Naughty Dog did not earn a perfect 10. Uh-oh. The people from Gaming Everything tracked down a copy of Playmania, a Spanish magazine that has reviewed the game.

Apparently, Playmania detected a flaw of .1 proportions. What ever could it be? Is hero Nathan Drake’s shirt not half-tucked properly? Is the game’s initial load time, if it has one, three seconds too long?

Maybe the game’s competitive multiplayer is broken to a .1 extent (perhaps it’s awesome but the framerate drops once every 23 hours?). It could be that the game’s co-op mode includes too much of the color orange or the campaign just might not provide an explanation for what happened to that train that fell off a cliff mid-way through Uncharted 2. I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t even have a copy of Playmania, so I do not know.

All we know for now, people, is that something, or, more specifically, a speck of something, is wrong with Uncharted 3. Way to rush out an imperfect game, Naughty Dog.

We’ll be reviewing the game on Kotaku eventually, as long as you readers believe we should still pay attention to this obviously flawed PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Uncharted 3 Bigger than 50GB Blu-ray Disc


The old adage states, the bigger the better. Developer Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed Unchartedseries is returning to PlayStation 3 with Drake’s Deception this fall in extra large fashion. Naughty Dog community manager Arne Meyer has shared some details about what it is like to be a PS3 exclusive developer, as well as the fact that Uncharted 3 is currently too big.

Speaking at gamescom about being PS3 exclusive, Meyer told NowGamer:

I think it really helps. It’s not even about sales. It’s about what we can push on the platform and how far we can take it. I’m sure you’ll hear this from every other Sony developer but you know, I can’t tell you how much we’ve been able to optimise Cell and you know, the amount of content we can put on Blu-ray.

When asked about Uncharted 3?s current data size Meyer stated:

Uncharted 2 barely made it to 25GB, while Naughty Dog is going over 50GB this time, for Uncharted 3. But in the end we’ll be under 50. We’ll be one disc.

Obviously, there is some serious compression that is still going to take place to ensure the game will ship one one disc this November.

UNCHARTED 3: Naughty Dog Talks Multiplayer

By now you’ve probably read the full details of what you’ll get with UNCHARTED 3’s upcoming multiplayer beta. Now, in our new video interview, Naughty Dog’s top developers reveal just how deep this rabbit hole goes. At a glance, UNCHARTED 3’s most obvious multiplayer enhancement lies in its sweeping character customization options in the form of weapon loadouts, gun mods and a wide selection of ability-enhancing Boosters. You’ll be able to modify your character’s appearance in almost every way, whether you want to slap some aviators on Nathan Drake or cobble together a custom hero or villain from scratch. “There are hundreds and hundreds of parts and every part has a customizable color,” Game Director Justin Richmond tells us. “You can look the way you want to look. We want it to feel personal.”


PlayStation Network Finally Coming Back Online

The PlayStation Store remains inaccessible, but online play is back

After more than three weeks of downtime, Sony has begun bringing the PlayStation Network back online.

Earlier today, a firmware update (v3.61) was released that forces users to change their PSN passwords. Out of security concerns for PS3 users, this password reset has to be done through a PS3 system that your account was activated on. If you’ve never downloaded anything on your PS3 before, you’ll need to change the password through an e-mail sent to the e-mail address attached to your PSN account.


Facts you might not know about NINTENDO

The below figure shows the full history of Video Game Giant Nintendo.


You Will Be Amazed And Pleased With The New PSN


Are you tired of waiting on Sony to turn on PSN? I’m sure you are. We are too, but before your patience wear thin, allow me to comfort you with these words, when PSN returns, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and thoroughly pleased with the new, revamped PlayStation Network.


Playstation 3 Latest offer @ X-Cite

It’s a very tempting offer from X-Cite for all Gamers.


The offer is to buy either Playstation 3 160GB for 99KD or Playstation 3 320GB for 106KD and any game you pick from their collection will cost you 1KD only (per game).


Sony suspends SOE gaming following PlayStation hack

Sony has suspended another of its online gaming systems, following the recent PlayStation Network hack.



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