PlayStation Network Finally Coming Back Online

The PlayStation Store remains inaccessible, but online play is back

After more than three weeks of downtime, Sony has begun bringing the PlayStation Network back online.

Earlier today, a firmware update (v3.61) was released that forces users to change their PSN passwords. Out of security concerns for PS3 users, this password reset has to be done through a PS3 system that your account was activated on. If you’ve never downloaded anything on your PS3 before, you’ll need to change the password through an e-mail sent to the e-mail address attached to your PSN account.


Sony suspends SOE gaming following PlayStation hack

Sony has suspended another of its online gaming systems, following the recent PlayStation Network hack.



PSN: Sony faces battle to rebuild business, image – analyst

With the PlayStation Network down for a seventh consecutive day analysts have begun chiming in on the potential long-term damage to Sony’s business and image.


New Microsoft and Sony Consoles Expected in 2014 – Report

With all of the recent chatter about a new system coming from Nintendo next year, there’s been little-to-no mention of the competition. We’ve heard about how the Wii 2 — or whatever it may end up being called — will be announced at E3 in June, its touchscreen and camera-equipped controller, and how Rockstar may be on board to develop games for it. Whether or not every last detail about it is true, where do Microsoft and Sony stand with their respective follow-ups to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3?


Playstation 4 is still several years away: will Nintendo Wii HD dominate 2012?

he PSP Go might have been nixed, but Sony’s flagship console is still alive and kicking, with a fourth generation Playstation planned for 2014. The Playstation 4 or PS4, looks to be several years away, but with games just beginning to tap into its 3D capabilities, is anyone waiting to upgrade their PS3?


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