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Recently I decided to try a couple of online stores in Kuwait to evaluate them and give to the users my feedback.

Unfortunately I started with, because based on how large their experience are, and the number of the stores available in Kuwait, I had the feeling that they should be the best.

I found a great deal on one of the products, so I placed the order.

The order took place on 6th of November 2012 as shown below from their confirmation e-mail:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 4 59 08 PM

Now we will go to the tricky part, The delivery is mentioned to be happening from 24 – 48 Hours, Which is a grey area in my opinion. Some other online shops tells you exactly whether to to deliver it within 24 Hours or within 4 Hours and they give you the choice, but here you are forced to obey the rules and just wait.

I waited the whole 7th of November for them to call me and arrange for a delivery time but they didn’t, so I decided to call them on 1803535 to check when is the delivery time.

First one lady answered the call and after I gave her the information about my order she told me that the order will be delivered within 48 hours, which again give you a message to sit and pray to be in the top list of the their delivery names.

At night, in the same day the 7th I decided to call again and see if it’s possible to go and pick the item my self from any of the shops. A gentleman answered my call and I told him about my situation and he promised to let the delivery department call me to let me know the time of the delivery. Within 10 Minutes, I received a phone call from Delivery department and they told me that it will be delivered on 8th of November 2012 morning. I was so happy and I told all my friends about their great response time, and how they were positive in satisfying my needs.

On 8th of November I kept waiting for the delivery, the whole morning, but it never happened. At 6:37 PM I decided to call them and let them know that I didn’t get my item yet.

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 12 43 PM

They told me that they will inform the delivery department and they will get back to me.

I received a call from them at 7:16 PM, and they informed me that they are sorry that my item is not available in stock and they are trying to find one stock available to ship it to me. Therefore they will be returning the money I paid using my KNET to my WebStore Credit on their website within 2 business days so I can buy another item from their online store.

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 19 49 PM

Today is 11th of November 2012, and on my account on it’s still showing that the item I bought is still processing:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 23 02 PM

And also when I go to me Webstore Credit it shows the following:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 5 25 01 PM

All those calls happened between me and them is supposed to be recorded as per the message we receive before answering our calls, so XCITE management can go back to the calls and check if I was not telling the truth.

After my experience with them, which maybe was because of bad luck, I do recommend if you need to buy anything from XCITE, you have to go and pick it your self from their showrooms. Otherwise it doesn’t worth buying from their online store.

XCITE is the best Electronic shop in Kuwait, especially when you get their extended warranties they offer. But sorry to say that their online store is the worse in Kuwait so far.

Later on I will be posting some other experiences with other online stores in Kuwait.



After I posted this article, I was surprised when I saw that the money were added to my WebStore credit and the order status is changed to Closed as shown below:

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 8 08 11 PM

Screen Shot 2012 11 11 at 8 08 29 PM


This changes only one fact that they did what they promised, but they never gave me the item I wanted.

PSP Vita @ X-Cite


For Video Games lovers, you can Pre-Order the long awaited Device, Sony PSP Vita @ X-Cite.

The device is released in two versions, Wi-Fi & 3G.

The prices announced by X-Cite are, 147KD for 3G and 120KD for Wi-Fi.

You can Pre-Order online by visiting their website here

iOS Developer Bypasses the App Store and Sells Games on eBay


If there was ever any proof needed that the App Store is not always laced with gold and rainbows, then this is surely it!

Disappointed with the attention that two of its games were receiving, both the paid forand free versions of Cannon Collision, LLLo Inc. has made the source code and all associated graphics available via auction using the ever popular eBay.

With the paid-for version of Cannon Collision currently retailing for a dollar, and the free version sporting ads, if anyone is looking to get their feet wet in the world of iOS games development, then this might be a place to start…

According to the company’s eBay listing, the auction also includes an hour of a developer’s time in order to help facilitate the transaction. It is worth noting that no Apple iTunes Connect accounts are being offered here, but merely the source code and media that go along with it. Should you win the auction you will also need to have your own developer account, currently costing $99 from Apple.

“You will be given the source code and I will make my developer available for 1 hour to change the admob and greystripe ads on the free version to your account and to add the apps to your own itunes connect account free of charge.”

A lack of publicity was the reason for the game’s downfall according to the developer, though we’re not sure the game’s premise of keeping bouncing balls from touching wasn’t partly the reason, too.

We’re fairly sure this is the first time an iOS game has been sold in such a manner, and with the auctions still at its starting price of $99, it might be the last, too.

Amazon Unveils $199 ‘Kindle Fire’ Tablet, Traditional Kindles Starting at $79


Bloomberg reports that Amazon is preparing to unveil its new 7-inch Android-based tablet, with the “Kindle Fire” device carrying an unexpectedly low price tag of $199. Amazon will be introducing the tablet at its media event set to begin in just a few minutes.

The Kindle Fire will have a 7-inch display and sell for $199, compared with $499 for Apple’s cheapest iPad, Amazon executives said. The device, a souped-up version of the Kindle electronic-book reader, will run on Google Inc.’s Android software, the Seattle-based company said.

Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos is betting he can leverage Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce to pose a real challenge to Apple’s iPad, after tablets from rivals such as Hewlett-Packard Co. and Research In Motion Ltd. have fallen short.

Previous rumors had suggested that Amazon would price the Kindle Fire at $249, although sources had hedged in recent days that the device might come in at $299.

The Kindle Fire offers Wi-Fi connectivity and a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, the company’s $79/year service that offers streaming video and free two-day shipping on most items purchased through Amazon. The tablet does not offer 3G connectivity, camera, or microphone.

In an extensive profile of Amazon, Bloomberg Businessweek notes that Amazon will be introducing a “crop” of new Kindle devices beginning at $79.


First Middle East Apple Store!

Finally the first official Apple online store in middle east is opened, and of course as usual it’s in UAE.


by looking at the prices in the UAE Apple Store we found that the prices are very convenient. of course it’s not cheaper than US market but it’s definitely cheaper than UK market.

All the shipping are for free for UAE if you are using the standard shipping.

Also as know earlier that Apple did open the first official Apple Store in Dubai inside Virgin which is located in Mall of Emirates, and by looking at it’s Theme it looks exactly like the other Apple Stores all over the world.


you can visit UAE Apple Store by clicking here

It’s what 007 wears on laundry day!!

Did you ever watch a James bond movie, and you felt that he has a cool gadgets!!

if your answer is yes, then you must see the following product:



Cheapest Blackberry Playbook in Kuwait @ Blink

Just saw that Blink is selling Blackberry Playbook 16GB WiFi for 199KD only.

check it out here

EA sports games discount @ iTunes


For a limited time, EA Sports is offering discount on all games at iTunes for 0.99$.

So far I got around 3 Games, and keeps counting, but I really can’t stop playing NBA Jam.

Looxcie Puts a Camera in a Bluetooth Headset


A tiny company called Looxcie (look-see, get it?) has just launched a really interesting Bluetooth accessory that lets you record and share video right from the side of your head.


How to charge your American iTunes account with credit??

So many of Apple device owners in Kuwait, likes to create a USA account in iTunes, in-order to buy many of cool applications, games,….,etc, which will not be available in Kuwait iTunes store.


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