PSP Vita @ X-Cite


For Video Games lovers, you can Pre-Order the long awaited Device, Sony PSP Vita @ X-Cite.

The device is released in two versions, Wi-Fi & 3G.

The prices announced by X-Cite are, 147KD for 3G and 120KD for Wi-Fi.

You can Pre-Order online by visiting their website here

iPhone 4S offer @Eureka

I believe this is the best offer in Kuwait so far!!!


Shall the Battle Begin!!!!???

As Expected, X-Cite has raised the bar of challenge and announced a new price for iPhone 4S 16GB.

The price is 10 KD cheaper than Eureka. Wondering what will be the price that will be announced by Electrozan.


iPhone 4S @ Eureka!!

So far I believe this is the cheapest place to sell iPhone 4S in Kuwait. It’s still expensive than buying it from UK, but this is better than nothing.


Samsung Kuwait is so aggressive towards Galaxy S II

Today in the newspapers allover Kuwait, Samsung announced that the sole provider for Galaxy S II in Kuwait will be VIVA.

They also mentioned that any other device which bought from other stores, will not be included in the Free one year warranty & maintenance program which includes fixing any hardware or software problem, also it will not be illegible for Firmware upgrades or arabization.

This is very strange statement by Samsung Kuwait, since recently we found that Zain also announced that they have The Galaxy S II available for free with their packages.

What we have to do right now, is to wait and find out what’s going to happen in the few next days.

Below is the Arabic Announcement released today in newspapers



Fix it in one Hour or get a replacement!!!

Yes, this is what the latest Axiom offer says:

Buy a Blackberry from their side, and incase if you face any problem with the device, get it fixed in 1 hour or get a replacement.

We believe that’s a very BOLD offer 😉

Axiom is located in The Avenues 1st Phase beside Cinescape.


Zain is back into the Game!!

Zain Today announced the special offer they have for iPhone 4. Earlier, few weeks ago we saw similar offer for Viva.

Now we believe that jealousy is a killing feeling, as Zain felt jealous from Viva for their successful campaign, and decided to get into the game and start the fair competition.

At the end, customers are the winners.


Finally… Snow White @ VIVA

Today VIVA announced that iPhone 4 White is available at their branches.

It will be having same offers were applying on Black version and mentioned earlier here


Apple offer @ Eureka

iPad 2 Wifi 16GB for 185KD

iPad 2 Wifi 32GB for 210KD

Cooool Prices!!

Hurry up,it’s for today only (07/05/2011)


Playstation 3 Latest offer @ X-Cite

It’s a very tempting offer from X-Cite for all Gamers.


The offer is to buy either Playstation 3 160GB for 99KD or Playstation 3 320GB for 106KD and any game you pick from their collection will cost you 1KD only (per game).


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