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Nokia Lumia 710 Released


Let us introduce you to the Nokia Lumia 710, the fun, funky younger sibling of the Lumia 800. With the Lumia 710, a different day means a different look with easily swapped Xpress covers giving your handset an injection of colour, you can even match them up with your start screen. Speaking of the screen, it’s gorgeous; Nokia’s ClearBlack display lets you see clearly, even in bright sunlight – so you’ll never miss a beat as you tweet, share, like, check in and keep your friends in the loop whilst on the move. With Windows Phone your social networks are so easy to manage you’ll wonder how you had time to do it before. Natasha Lomas of CNET says “it’s well built, runs on easy-to-use Windows Phone, and comes with free music, sat-nav and mapping apps.”

The Nokia Lumia 710 is available to buy now. Plus, the good news is that the fun doesn’t stop with an eye catching new phone either – you can enjoy thousands of different apps from social to gaming, productivity to entertainment in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Apple tops in smartphone sales, but Samsung hot on its heels

Apple won the smartphone wars last quarter, but Samsung was close behind in second place, according to Juniper Research.


Buoyed by the iPhone 4S, Apple sold 37 million iPhonesduring the December quarter, giving the company a 25 percent share of the market.

Though Samsung lost its top perch, the Korean handset maker still managed to carve out a 21.7 percent share thanks to healthy demand for its Galaxy smartphone lineup.

Samsung’s market share has jumped from 4.7 percent in the first quarter of 2010 to almost 22 percent, forcing Apple to now fight to stay ahead.

Though Apple sold 4 million units of the latest iPhone within the first three days alone, the company managed to top its closest rival last quarter by also offering older iPhone models at low prices, says Juniper. Such a move is part of Apple’s strategy to combat the standard and premium smartphones sold by Samsung.

“The scale of Samsung’s product range is saturating the market,” Juniper analyst Daniel Ashdown said in a statement. “Apple has had to counter Samsung’s products like the Galaxy Ace in order to maintain the visibility of its brand.”

Apple is currently selling the iPhone 4 for $99 and the iPhone 3GS for free with the standard two-year contract.

Other research reports have also pointed to a surge for Apple during the holiday quarter.

Strategy Analytics pegged Apple’s share of the smartphone market at 23.9 percent last quarter, narrowly outpacing Samsung at 23.5 percent. But for 2011 as a whole, Samsung captured the larger share of shipments.

Apple has also just begun to keep pace with the huge demand for its latest iPhone. A glance at the Apple Store’s sales page for the iPhone 4S now reveals it as being in stock, a change from early January when the wait time was still three to five days.

Looking at the rest of the industry, HTC was the only other manufacturer in the top five to see a jump in sales from a year ago, shipping an estimated 12.1 million smartphones last quarter. RIM’s BlackBerry shipments remained steady at 14.4 million, down less than a percentage point from last year.

And Nokia is anxiously awaiting renewed demand for its handsets courtesy of Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Nokia’s smartphone shipments fell 31 percent last quarter from a year ago, noted Juniper.

Overall, the industry shipped 149 million smartphones in the fourth quarter and 470 million for 2011 as a whole.

Sony’s SmartWatch Accessory for Android Phones


The SmartWatch is part of Sony‘s Smart Extras for their Xperia smartphones.  The SmartWatch connects to an Android phone via Bluetooth and shows you information about incoming calls, and lets you see emails, weather, Twitter and Facebook updates, and even the time.  You can even control music playback with the SmartWatch.  It has a cliplike the one on Apple’s iPod nano, so you can clip it onto your bag’s strap.  Or you can buy one of Sony’s optional watchbands, available in several colors, and wear it on your arm.  It  fits on any 20mm watch strap, if you have one you already like.  The SmartWatch doesn’t have a speaker orheadphone jack, but you can listen to the music on your smartphone with a Bluetooth headset.  You can even buy apps for the SmartWatch from the Android Market.  The SmartWatch should be available in Q1 of 2012.  The Sony website doesn’t show a price yet.

Google to Buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion


Google Inc. (GOOG), the biggest maker of smartphone software, agreed to buy Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. for $12.5 billion in its largest acquisition, gaining mobile patents and expanding in the hardware business.

Motorola shareholders will get $40 a share in cash, the companies said in a statement today. That’s 63 percent more than Motorola Mobility’s closing price on the New York Stock Exchange on Aug. 12. Both boards have approved the takeover.

Larry Page, the Google co-founder who took over as chief executive officer in April, is pushing the Web company into smartphones to take on Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone and gain more clout for its Android software in the wireless business. Motorola Mobility, under pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn to shift strategy, gives Google more than 17,000 patents it can leverage in negotiations with competitors such as Apple.

“This is the next step in building their position in the mobile world so they can distribute Google products and services through mobile phones and tablets,” said Clayton Moran, an analyst at Benchmark Co.

in Boca Raton, Florida, who recommends Google shares. “They want a success with the Android platform, and this will enhance their position in the mobile marketplace, as well as defend their position through the patent portfolio.”

Apple, which makes its own wireless software and hardware, briefly became the most valuable company in the world last week, buoyed by demand for the iPhone and the iPad tablet computer.

Motorola Mobility, based in Libertyville, Illinois, rose $13.65, or 56 percent, to $38.12 at 2:14 p.m. on the New York Stock Exchange. Google, based in Mountain ViewCalifornia, fell $9.54, or 1.7 percent, to $554.23 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.


Smartphones In 2015 To Be As Powerful As Xbox 360; iPhone 8 Could Be Your Next Gaming Console

Smartphones are getting ridiculously powerful, folks. The smartphones we carry today in our pockets are more powerful than the computers used to launch the first spaceship back in the 1960s, this, is while these smartphones are mostly being used to launch pissed off birds at evil pigs.

The rate at which their power is increasing is phenomenal in itself. With every release of the iPhone, for example, we see almost a 2x or 4x increase in performance over the previous generation. If this performance increase keeps repeating itself, soon we will see smartphones overpowering 7th generation gaming consoles such as the PS3 and X360, so says the President of a popular game development studio.


We’re already hearing news from mobile CPU manufacturers like Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments regarding quad-core SoCs which are expected to start reaching higher-end smartphones by the end of next year or sometime in 2013.

In an interview with Industry GamersMike Capps (President, Epic Games) had the following to say regarding the topic in question:

“So I think that’s the real challenge for us now, rather than worrying about the difference between a couple consoles and some order of magnitude, whether 3X or 4X. It’s about how do we deal with iPhone 8… if you watch where the gamers are going that’s where they are. Your iPhone 8 will probably plug into your TV, or better yet, wirelessly connect to your television set to give you that big screen gaming experience with good sound. So really, what’s the point of those next-gen consoles? It’s a very interesting situation to be looking at. That’s what we’re starting to think about more… not how do we scale from some Nintendo platform to some other future console,” he concluded.

CEO at EA John Riccitiello has somewhat similar views regarding the explosion of the mobile gaming industry when he stated, just over a week ago, that the iPad is the company’s fastest growing game platform and that, “Consoles used to be 8-% of the industry as recently as 2000. Consoles today are 40% of the game industry.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the next generation consoles are pointless. The PlayStation 4 or the Xbox 720 will certainly be miles upon miles ahead of whatever gaming experience the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III will provide. What Capps is referring to is how things will change, with a focus on mobile gaming, in the coming years.

I, for one, can’t wait till I can launch raging birds at wicked pigs at 2160p.

Smartphone for GPS Navigation is better than a dedicated device


The summer travel season is here and that means road trips, and nothing casts a pall over a road trip faster than getting lost, so an in-car navigation solution is the way to go. Not many cars have a fancy navigation system in the dash, so you can either pick up a dedicated gadget to handle the chore or use that fancy smartphone you already own. There are pros and cons to either method, and my preferred way to go is using my smartphone to light the way.

Read the full article here

iOS5 Mobile Safari smokes IE and Android browser, even on Microsoft’s tests

Remember the above video from a Microsoft Phone 7 Mango demo in April?  The then-current Apple browser (remember, that was pre-Nitro) didn’t fare so well against Android and Windows Mobile in a browser test that Microsoft set up.  It registered a 2 frames per second vs. Microsoft’s Mobile IE score of 26.  Apple was originally handicapped because the iPhone has more pixels to render: 640×960 vs. 480×800.

The Nitro update certainly helped out a bit bumping Apple’s score mildly.

However, running that same test on a iOS 5 iPhone 4 with the latest version of Safari is a totally different story….

Winrumors ran (and we confirmed – below) that the iOS 5 Beta’s Safari actually blows by the experimental IE 9 in Mango and scores a 31.


iOS 5 will probably ship before Mango and it just beat it on Microsoft’s own unfair to begin with test. test.


Why Nokia’s N9 leaves me confident about Windows Phone

Two big smartphone announcements this morning, and two considerable insights into the prospects of an ailing cellphone giant. Nokia’s new N9 could, with its MeeGo OS, easily have been the Finns fiddling while Rome was burning; the technical previews of Windows Phone 7.1 Mango, meanwhile, could have shown up a platform desperately lagging behind its rivals iOS and Android. Make no mistake, today we’ve seen the biggest glimpse so far of Nokia’s future.



25-Year-Old Indian Man Electrocuted To Death By Shanzai Phone


With the exception of the Foxconn fire, we rarely, if ever, report on any real tragedy in this industry. The closest we come to reporting a tragedy probably involves RIM, or Nokia, or some form of a product delay, but very rarely do we write up anything truly horrific. Today, however, a young man from the Panchmahal district of Gujarat, India was electrocuted to death by his shanzai phone.

Obviously, this is incredibly unfortunate, and our condolences are with the family. It happened when 25-year-old Dhanji Damor was trying to make a call while his shanzai phone was plugged in to the wall to charge. He was shocked, and rushed to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead from electrocution. In India, people have a pretty common joke about made-in-China phones: “No guarantee, no warranty.” In other words, if it was made in China it could either last forever, or for a hot minute.

It may be funny in some cases, but this should be taken as a lesson to those developing nations who are trying so desperately to keep up with the rest of the world. Those copycat handsets may look and feel just like our precious smartphones, but under that back cover lies a mess of unreliable technology that, as we’ve seen here, can be dangerous.

The Amazing Cell Phone that Charges in Your Pocket


Batteries are included, but the charger’s not. The Nokia E-Cu concept phone doesn’t need to plug in, it charges from any heat source. Just lay it on top of a radiator and it starts soaking in the energy.


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