XBMC on Apple TV 2

Since the first time heard about XBMC Media Player from many users who experienced it and said amazing things about it, I decided to get my self an Acer Revo device to be prepared as a Media Player as mentioned in this link. Which I believe is the best resource if you want to do the same.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about installing XBMC on Apple TV 2 after jailbreaking it.

Will, my experience with Apple TV 2 was really total different experience, since I noticed that it gives much better colors and better control since Apple Remote is utilized properly.

For installing XBMC I followed the below steps:


Jailbreak your Apple TV 2 by doing the following:

  1. iTunes is updated
  2. You have a Micro USB Cable
  3. Seas0nPass is downloaded: (Windows | Mac)
  4. No other iOS devices are connected via USB.
  5. You have your Apple TV remote control handy.
  6. The AppleTV is not connected via USB or Power.

This first part of this guide assumes you guide you have a non-jailbroken Apple TV. If your Apple TV is already jailbroken and you just wish to install XBMC skip below.


To Jailbreak your Apple TV:

  1. Extract Seas0nPass to a folder and Run it.
  2. Click Create IPSW
    1. This will Download the newest version of the AppleTV software directly from Apple. Seas0nPass will then add the jailbreaking changes to the file.
  3. Connect your Apple TV to your Computer via USB. Do not plug it in to an A/C outlet.
  4. Put the device into DFU mode using the remote, press and hold the MENU and PLAY/PAUSE keys for about 7 seconds and release
  5. Once Seas0nPass detects the device is in DFU mode, it will open up iTunes.
    1. If using a Mac, Alt-Click in iTunes on the Restore file and select the newly made IPSW file. — Thanks Raphael!
    2. If using Windows, Select the Apple TV on the left menu. Shift-Click restore and select the IPSW file located in My Documents\Seas0nPass
  6. Once Complete, The AppleTV is Jailbroken. Congrats!!
  7. Unplug from your computer and connect to TV. You should see a new Seas0nPass Menu


Install XBMX by doing the following:

To install the Cydia build:

  • Open up your terminal/ssh application and enter the following command to log in to your ATV2:
    ssh root@YOUR.ATV2.IP.ADDRESS
  • You will be asked for a password: default password is alpine
  • Continue to enter the following commands:
  • Issue these commands in your Terminal window, in sequence:
  • apt-get install wget
    wget -O- | apt-key add -
    echo "deb stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/awkwardtv.list
    echo "deb ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbmc.list
    apt-get update
    apt-get install org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2


    Now you have your XBMC installed on your Apple TV 2
  • Once the install is done, we need to install the latest nightly build as it fixes lots of bugs that the initial official build does not. It’s also required for the newest version of iOS.
  • Find the latest version of the daily at
  • Run the following commands
    1. wget<latest .deb file from above>
    2. dpkg -i latest_atv2.deb
    1. rm latest_atv2.deb
  • This will download and upgrade the install to the latest semi-nightly build. This is required for the newer versions of the iOS software

Once installed, XBMC will be available as another item under FrontRow, the name for the standard AppleTV software.

Enjoy 🙂

iMessage… How to use it??


Apple iOS 5 one of the best features is iMessage. it allows the iDevices users to communicae with each other using their Apple ID over 3G or WiFi.


What I need to do in-order to activate it?

Nothing, simply nothing all. You can activate iMessage by tap or slide it over to turn iMessage on.

Once activated, there are some new options appearing on the Messages setting screen.


  • Turn ON the Send Read Receipts to activate read notification. With the Send Read Receipts turned on, the other party in your iMessage conversation will be able to see once you view a message they have sent to you. You will allow the others to be notified when you have read their messages. If you turn it off, the sender will not know whether you have read the sent message or not, but only delivery notification.
  • Turn ON the Send as SMS option to Send as SMS when iMessage service is unavailable. Your device will route a message through your carrier via SMS instead of iMessage when iMessage is unavailable. Of course carrier messaging rates may apply if you are not subscribed to unlimited text plan with your carrier.
  • Received At option lets you configure the address(es) where you would like to receive iMessages.

    In received at settings, you can configure where you can be reached for iMessages at, either phone number, email apple ID, or another email.
    To set up your e-mail address for iMessage, you will need to enter your Apple ID, followed by the e-mail address you would like to use. The email will be verified by Apple and will be added as iMessage. So, when the email activated, other party will identify your email as iMessage-activated users or not.
    If you have several emails to be set as iMessage recipient, add them by tap Add Another Email.

  • NewImage

    In this case, there are multiple email addresses where I can be reached for iMessage at. If a family member contact me to the first email and college buddy contact me to the second email and both of them using iMessage, I will get those message on my iPhone or any other device where this email assigned to.

    Also, you will be able to set the caller ID of for your iMessage identity, either it could be phone number, or the selected email, but it’s preferred to be an e-mail.


    • Tap on Caller ID to set which address you would like to use as your iMessages identity. If you select unfamiliar called ID (like a new created email), your contacts probably doesn’t recognize the message from you. So, be sure to select a familiar caller ID. Caller ID has to be an e-mail account to make it work.

    However, on the iPod Touch or iPad, you will not be able to set phone number as recipient nor caller id as they have no phone number. So, you will only be able to use your Apple ID as iMessage ID on other device like iPod Touch or iPad.

    Other Settings may not new and you shall familiar with:

    • MMS Messaging: Let you enable/disable to share Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) through iMessage. Disable this option if you only need texting on iMessage.
    • Show Subject Field: This option will show subject and the content just like sending email. There will be two rows for subject and content while sending iMessage.
    • Character Count: Do you really need it? It’s not the old-SMS style that limit 160 Character/SMS. I prefer to turn it off unless my carrier started to charge iMessage per character.
    • Show preview: You will see the content preview when you have a new iMessage if you enable this option.
    • Repeat alert: Just like SMS tone, will be repeated twice by default. Configure how many repetition you would like to get when a new iMessage notification appears.

    Now you are ready to use your iMessage!!

    Now watch the following videos to see a comparison between both SMS and iMessage and also how to use iMessage:



    The Shortcuts to your Facebook


    If you see Facebook as a benevolent time-waster, why not waste your time more efficiently when you’re there? Hit Alt+1 for the home page, Alt+? to search, or Alt+M for a new message.

    The How-To Geek runs down all the shortcuts he’s discovered. Aside from Alt+M and Alt+?, most of Facebook’s keyboard shortcuts line up with numbers. 1-5 will take you (roughly) from left-to-right on Facebook’s navigation links across the top of your Facebook page. 6-0 will navigate to less obvious settings pages.

    NOTE: If you’re on a Mac, you (currently) need to add Ctrl+Option+ to each of the shortcuts (Firefox on Mac is Function+Ctrl—thanks Robert Reents!). Other than that, they should work the same.

  • Alt+?: Search
  • Alt+m: Compose a new message
  • Alt+1Home page
  • Alt+2: Your profile page
  • Alt+3: Friend requests
  • Alt+4: Your messages
  • Alt+5: Notifications
  • Alt+6Account page
  • Alt+7Privacy
  • Alt+8Facebook’s Facebook page
  • Alt+9Facebook Terms/Agreement
  • Alt+0Facebook help center
  • The Geek notes, however, that the shortcuts work best in Chrome, and maybe Opera and Safari. In Firefox, you’ll need to add a Shift key to the combination, so as not to trigger Firefox’s own Alt-centered operations. On Internet Explorer, you’ll have to press Enter after hitting each combination.

    you can read the full article here

  • Facebook backing up your iPhone contacts behind your back!!

    Most of the Facebook users who own an iPhone, they use Facebook Application for easier connection and social networking experience.

    Recently some users realized that the phone numbers stored on the phone are uploaded to Facebook, without us knowing about it.

    to check  this, Go to the top right of the Facebook screen, click on ACCOUNT, click on EDIT FRIENDS, on the left side of screen click CONTACTS.

    You will see all phone numbers from your phone (FB friends or not) are published. TO REMOVE, go to the right column, click on this page which will take you the page shown below:

    Screen Shot 2011 08 15 at 10 27 27 PM

    Click on REMOVE to remove the uploaded contacts.

    Also you need to disable the SYNC option on your iPhone by going to Facebook App, as shown below:



    Watani Online Goes Mobile Now!!!

    It’s official now, NBK has declared their first Fully integrated mobile application. The application is designed for Apple iOS devices and Blackberry.


    What you need to do to activate the application?

    Hmm, let’s see. since I’m an iPhoner so I’m gonna tell how you should be doing it on iOS, which i believe would be much similar to Blackberry installation.

    First, go to your NBK online website and logon to your account.


    Second, go to Mobile Banking and choose Download Application


    Select your device type and click on Send SMS (Make sure that your phone number registered with NBK is correct, otherwise you need to call them to update it for you before proceeding)


    Third, you will receive an SMS which has the link to download the application, or simply just go to App Store and search for NBK and download the application.


    Now After installation start the application on your phone and go to Enrollment.

    you will find a registration code on your phone, now go to Watani Online again (from your PC) and go to Mobile Banking > Enrollment and type the registration code there


    and then click on Submit.

    Now, an authentication code is should appear. type the same in your mobile device application and choose enroll.

    then you will be prompted to choose a password, make sure it’s complex (has letters, symbols and numbers)

    Now you are ready


    Also you will find that on your Watani Online webpage other options appeared under Mobile Banking which:


    Forgot Password


    Download Application


    15 Handy Google Search Tricks

    Most of us use Google search to search on various topics, products, tips, etc. No doubt it’s one of the best search engines available out there. In order to search something we simply enter the keywords in the search bar and search for stuff but did you ever know that there are several built in functions within Google which makes searching stuff even easier. Some of you’ll know about them. But well if you don’t, then here they are:

    How to Avoid the Most Common and Dangerous Passwords


    In a recent survey conducted by ZoneAlarm, 79% of consumers were found to use risky password construction practices, such as using personal information and common words. The graphic below illustrates some of the most commonly made mistakes people make when selecting a password, as well as some tips on how to make your password more secure:



    How to Burn a Lion Install DVD and Create Bootable Thumb Drive

    Lion is Apple’s first disc-less distribution of Mac OS X. While that’s great for folks with broadband, for others it can be a pain. You could wait until August and get a USB drive from Apple for $69 or you could download Lion once and create an install disc or drive.

    Please note: After Lion is installed on your Mac, the installer file in Applications will automatically be deleted. Because of this, you will want to do this procedure before upgrading your machine. You can also move the installer from the Applications folder. You should also note that booting with a DVD will take significantly longer than booting from your hard drive, so be patient while loading up your install DVD. Using a USB thumb drive instead will greatly improve the installer loading speeds (see Step 4 below).

    What You Will Need:

    >> A blank DVD-R or 8GB or larger USB Thumbdrive 
    >> Lion Installer

    1. Crack Open the Installer File

    The first thing you need to do is located the “Install Mac OS X  Lion” application icon in the Applications folder on your Mac.


    Right-click on this application and select “Show Package Contents.” In the resulting folder that appears, navigate to Contents > Shared Support. There will be a file called InstallESD.dmg. Drag it to your Desktop as this is the file that we will burn to the blank DVD. 

    2. Open Disk Utility

    If you are using a USB Thumb drive, you can skip this step and go directly to Step 4.

    Insert your blank DVD and launch Disk Utility (located in /Applications/Utilities). Click the “Burn” button in the top left of the Disk Utility toolbar. A file chooser dialog will open. Select the InstallESD.dmg disk image that we just dragged to the Desktop.


    In the resulting window, click the Burn button to begin the burning process. This process will take a while because there is over 3GBs of data being written to the disc.


    3. Burn, Baby, Burn… It’s a Lion Inferno


    After the disc has been successfully burned, it will be ejected from your Mac and ready to be placed in another Mac for installation. Insert the disc and restart your Mac while holding down the C key to boot into the installer disc you just created.


    4. Portable Lion

    If you don’t have a blank DVD, or want to create a bootable USB thumb drive installer instead, Disk Utility will gladly oblige. Open Disk Utility and select your thumb drive in the sidebar, and then click on the Restore tab.


    For the Source area, click on the Image button and select the InstallESD.dmg file on your Desktop. Next, drag your thumb drive from the sidebar to the Destination field. When you have done this, click Restore to have the image “burned” onto your thumb drive. The only thing left to do is to plug it into you Mac, boot up your machine while holding option and choosing your thumb drive to install Lion.

    How to install Kies on Mac OS Lion

    Many of Galaxy S II buyers who got their Mac OSx upgraded to the latest one (Lion), reported that Kies is not compatible with it.

    Actually I was facing same problem and I got to know a way to fix this.

    To tackle this, you can install an older version and then update it to the latest version. I have tested it works for this version: KiesMac_1.0.0.11055_7. Install it and then go to “Preference”->”Update” and update to the latest version

    This a guranteed way to make Kies work on Mac OS Lion.

    Give it a try!!

    How to remove unneeded programs in Windows XP


    The removal of an unneeded programs from a computer with a Windows XP operating system can be accomplished by using two different methods.  The first method should be used by anyone with considerable knowledge or is comfortable with recognizing files associated with certain programs.  The second method is using the Control Panel to remove unneeded programs, and it is the most practical method used for program removal on a computer with Windows XP.

    The first method is more of a brute force way of removing unneeded programs.  First step, you should locate the source file of the program by clicking on start menu, and navigate your way to the heading titled My Computer. You would click on the icon that resembles your hard drive, and is usually labeled with a “C”.   Your next step would be to click on the folder labeled Program files.  You would click on the file that contains the program that you are trying to delete.  The folder is usually titled with the same name  as the program you are attempting to remove.  You would highlight the folder and then click delete to remove the program. IYou will restart your computer as a final step to ensure changes will take place.

    There is an advantage and disadvantage to using the brute force method of removing a program from your computer.  The advantage of using a brute force method for removing an unwanted programs is it quick. The disadvantage of using the brute force method, you sometimes will risk deleting a program needed by your computer to function properly; therefore, the brute force method is only recommended for anyone that has an advanced knowledge of the computer, software and Windows XP.

    The second method for removing a program is with the use of the Control Panel. First step is to click on the Start Menu.  You should see the Control Panel as choice on the Start Menu; therefore, click on the Control Panel, and navigate your way to Add or Remove Programs.  By clicking on the Add or Remove Program, you will reveal a list of programs that are loaded on your computer.  You would locate the program you are attempting to remove, and select the program by clicking on the Currently Installed program box.  You can click on Remove to remove the program from your computer. In most cases, your computer must be restarted for the changes to take place.

    The advantages of removing unneeded programs via the Control Panel are, it is most practical, easily understood by all users, and widely accepted method for removing programs from a computer with a Windows XP operating system. The disadvantage for using the Control Panel method is some programs can be pesky such as malicious programs that cannot be removed by using the Control Panel method. It would require an advanced knowledge of the computer and software to remove malicious programs that is meant to cause harm to your computer. The Control Panel method will easily remove unneeded programs from your computer under the correct circumstances.

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