Apple announces refreshed MacBook Air: Ivy Bridge processor, USB 3.0, shipping today


Apple’s skinnier, lighter MacBook option checked in for another (irregular) hardware update at this year’sWWDC. Just under a year since the last time the range was renovated, the move to Ivy Bridge processors wasn’t the only thing that changed. First up, those processors will reach up to 2GHz Core i7, with Turbo Boost tipping these up to 3.2GHz. The FaceTime camera is now 720p, with the display on the 11-inch model staying put at 1366 x 768 (but with Intel’s HD graphics 4000 doing the pushing). The 13-incher will house a 1440 x 900 screen and both will arrive with a pair of USB 3.0 ports and capacity for up to 8GB of RAM. Storage will now extend to 512GB, while prices will start at $999 for the most basic option, up to $1099 for the speediest offering. The best part? They’ll start shipping today.

Apple announces next-generation MacBook Pro: Retina display, 0.71-inches thin, shipping today for $2,199


Apple announced some new MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros early in its WWDC keynote today, but it had another surprise in store for its big hardware announcement: the next-generation MacBook Pro. It packs a Retina display with a 2880 x 1800 resolution (or 220ppi), and a casing that measures just 0.71-inch thin and weighs 4.46 pounds. In addition to that high resolution, Apple is also promising higher contrast ratios, better viewing angles and reduced glare compared to other laptop displays, and it’s updated all of its stock apps to take advantage of those extra pixels, not to mention Aperture and Final Cut Pro — “reading your mail is like reading fine print,” according to Apple’s Phil Schiller. As for the other specs, you’ll get to 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA Kepler GT 650M graphics, up to a quad-core 2.7GHz Core i7 processor, a maximum 768GB of storage (SSD, naturally), and a promised seven hours of battery life with 30 days standby. One spec nowhere to be seen: an optical drive. Also on the outs are Ethernet and FireWire 800 ports, which you’ll now need an optional Thunderbolt adapter to use.

Making its debut on the laptop is a new, thinner MagSafe connector, as well as a new fan that’s said to be “nearly imperceptible” to the user. Pricing starts at $2,199 for a 2.3GHz unit with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and it’s shipping today. “It’s without doubt the very best computer that we’ve ever built,” says Schiller.

The 3G Capable MacBook Pro Which Never Shipped

These days, Apple sells several 3G-capable devices, namely the iPad and the iPhone, but there is no such product on their iPod or Mac lineup. Indeed, no 3G-capable Mac even exists at the moment, but a new leaked prototype proves that Apple has looked into it.


Back in 2008, Steve Jobs was asked whether he’d ever bring 3G capabilities to Macs. Although he claimed he had “considered it”, he stated that he wasn’t comfortable with tying a computer with a particular carrier and suggested that users who would like to use this feature could simply use/buy a 3G USB modem.

Air does not come with the built-in ability to connect to a speedy wireless data network run by various cellular carriers. Jobs told me last week that Apple considered it but that adding the capability would take up room and restrict consumers to a particular carrier. Through a USB modem, he says, you can still subscribe to wireless broadband with your favorite carrier.

Yet, it seems that Apple has indeed actively worked on building 3G support into its Macs, at least the MacBook Pro.  A prototype of a late 2007 MacBook Pro, which unexpectedly emerged on an eBay auction, has a 3G GSM card built-in, which could connect to either AT&T or T-Mobile in the United States (we would guess AT&T would be Apple’s choice, since that’s the decision Apple made with the iPad and largely with the iPhone). This prototype was allegedly originally purchased from Craigslist as a non-functional Santa Rosa MacBook Pro, and indeed it looks like one, but further inspection revealed a red motherboard, a common attribute of all Apple prototypes. (more…)

Thanks To Super WiFi, Your Next MacBook or iPad Might Be Able To Connect To Your Home WiFi Up To 60 Miles Away


Frustrated by Apple’s reticence to release a Mac with a built-in 3G modem for everywhere internet connectivity? Don’t sweat it, Apple may have something else in mind: Super WiFi that would allow your MacBook to connect with your Time Capsule from up to 62 miles away.

Best of all? That tech just got one step closer to reality.

So you know the standard 802.11n WiFi that you can find in every Apple product, from your MacBook to your iPhone? The IEEE — which is the standards organization that governs all of WiFi — has just officially published WiFi’s next-gen standard, IEEE 802.22.

Utilizing white space frequencies that were previously hogged up by analog television broadcasts, IEEE 802.22 will allow you to transfer data at speeds up to 22Mbps to devices as far as 100 kilometers from the nearest transmitter.

The possibilities are obvious: as long as you are within an hour’s drive of your house, you could use Super WiFi to connect to the internet on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Of course, standards being published are much different than hardware shipping, and we may have a while to wait before the first Super WiFI MacBooks start pumping out, but with the publication of the spec, Super WiFi just got a big step closer to being a part of all of our lives.

Apple kills App Store number growth, focuses on fairness and app quality

Apple has expanded its efforts to curtail the unchecked expansion of shovelware and scamware in the iOS App Store, focusing on keeping the store’s library attractive rather than simply aiming to maintain the biggest store in terms of raw numbers.


30 Fantastic Geeky Tricks to Get The Most From Your Mac

If you’re one of those Mac users that loves to dig in and play with hidden features and settings, this post is for you.

Below you’ll find 30 tips and tricks to help both seasoned and beginner Mac users to get the most out of their OS X experience. We’ll cover everything from obscure Terminal commands to keyboard shortcuts that every Mac user should know and use. Let’s get started!


Mac Retina Display Resolution Possibilities


If Macs get a retina display, what would the resolutions be? 3200×2000 like the default Lion wallpaper suggests? There is no definitive answer, but the above chart shows what may be the best guesses yet.


MacBook Pro Supernatural Prices @ Eureka

Today Eureka annound their new prices for MacBook Pro series. For sure they are unbeatable.


Apple New MacBook Air 2011 Thunderbolt Inclusion: June Launch

There’s some spreaded rumors here and there online, says that there might be a new version of lightest version of MacBooks, MacBook Air, coming soon to markets.

The source of those news, is an Apple insider.



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