The iOS 6 Features everybody’s keeping quite about!!!

iOS 6, your cup runneth over. The new future brain of your iPhone and iPad is lovelier than ever.

A new Share screen

In iOS 5, when you tap to share a photo, you get a long list of sharing actions to choose from—whether it’s posting to Twitter, sending an email or iMessage, or some other option. iOS 6 adds Facebook sharing as an option, along with sharing to various Chinese social networks. But Apple decided against cramming more buttons into that panel.

Instead, iOS 6 presents you with a new, icon-based sharing screen. It uses icons to represent the apps and services that you can share your content with and looks quite a bit like the iPhone’s home screen.

New Siri functionality

Flagship features added to Siri include the voice-driven personal assistant’s arrival on the third-generation iPad. Siri also gains the ability to answer questions about sports and movies in iOS 6, and it will be integrated with turn-by-turn directions in Maps. But the virtual assistant gains several other new features as well that might have escaped your attention.

In iOS 6, you’ll be able to compose new tweets and Facebook status updates with Siri—and both capabilities appear to be implemented smartly: If you link your friends’ Twitter usernames to their Contacts entries, Siri automatically translates their real names as you dictate. That is, if I say, “Tweet ‘Excellent dinner last night with Shahim Khan, Shahid Shaikh, and Maged Ragaei,’” Siri will automatically compose a tweet like “Excellent dinner last night with @skhan, @sshaikh, and @maged.”

On the new iPad, Siri can answer questions about weather and stocks, even though Apple hasn’t (yet) ported its Weather and Stocks apps to the iPad. Apple did show a glimpse of a new default Clock app for the iPad, so we won’t be shocked if Stocks and Weather finally make the leap to the big screen before iOS 6’s official release, too.

Spotlight tweak

If you have lots of apps, sometimes it’s hard to figure out precisely which homescreen they’re located on. In iOS 6, Spotlight makes that at least a smidgen easier, by listing the name of the folder a particular app is nestled inside when it appears in the search results.

Reminders improvements

Apple introduced the Reminders app in iOS 5, and it looks to score some helpful updates in iOS 6. Apple says that you’ll be able to set location-based reminders from the iPad. Even better, you’ll be able to tap in addresses where you’d like to be reminded manually, a feature currently missing from Reminders; at present, you can only set reminders for locations linked to addresses for your existing contacts.

Also new in Reminders will be the ability to reorder your tasks as desired. And Apple told developers that iOS 6 includes a new Reminders API, which should make it possible for third-party apps to integrate with the Reminders database. That means that you could use Siri to set Reminders which would in turn be visible in your third-party task management app of choice.

Call rejection

Sometimes, you can’t take a call when your iPhone starts ringing. You can already quickly send a call to voicemail by tapping the Ignore button, but iOS 6 adds more powerful options for when you’re too busy to answer. When your phone rings, you’ll see a button on the screen akin to the new camera shortcut on the lock screen in iOS 5.1—a switch that you slide up to trigger.

When you do so, you’ll see options to send the caller a message, or to remind yourself to call the person back later. If you choose to send a message, iOS offers several default options; you can also save custom responses. Your iPhone will then attempt to iMessage or SMS the caller with your note, while also sending them straight to your voicemail.

Other features

Near the end of the iOS portion of the keynote, Apple showed a slide listing a host of other features included in the iOS 6 update. Among those were Game Center challenges, the ability to connect Game Center friends from Facebook, VoiceOver improvements, personal dictionary in iCloud (for adding your own terms to the dictionary, which can sync between devices), and per-account signatures in Mail. Also on the list was improved privacy, which—as a new option in Settings—will let you control which apps can access which bits of personal data, like your Contacts, Calendar, or Photos. Other features on the list included autocorrection for every keyboard, Bluetooth MAP support (which is commonly used to help cars better offer hands-free communication with Bluetooth devices), kernel ASLR (which aims to make data even more impervious to snooping from malicious attackers), custom vibrations for alerts, redesigned stores (for the App and iTunes stores), IPv6 support for Wi-Fi and LTE, word highlights for speak selection, improved keyboard layouts, alarms with songs, and faster JavaScript in Safari. Apple also says iOS 6 includes a global HTTP proxy option, which would supplant the current approach, limited as it is to per-connection proxy settings.

Other features for developers include audio and video sampling during playback, Pass Kit (for interacting with Passbook), VoiceOver gestures, the ability to control camera focus and exposure, a Web Audio API, Game Center in-app experience, game groups, video stabilization, frame drop data, pull-to-refresh on Table views, a means of supporting in-app purchases of iTunes Store-hosted content, in-app Bluetooth pairing, remote Web Inspector, rich text on label fields and text views, CSS filters, crossfade with CSS animations, and a face detection API.

But what about the unsung stuff? Here are the coolest quiet additions.

Wake up to a song

Marimba gets a little stale. Now you can select any song on your iPhone as an alarm from within the Clock app. Ride of the Valkyries works well, as does anything by Waka Flocka. Beach House and Fiona Apple aren’t quite as conducive to getting your ass out of bed. There have been apps offering this for years, but now it’s built in, and built in is better.

Power privacy

This one’s simple: there’s now a list in settings of all the apps that have requested access to your location, contacts, calendars, reminders, and photos. Turn on or off access as you see fit.

Your (weird) words saved in the cloud

If you repeatedly use a word that’s not in Apple’s standard dictionary—like “basketball face,” or calling your girlfriend “squeezybooty,” your phone will stop trying to correct you and just add it to the list of real words. Now this list of all your slang, inside jokes, and abbreviations, will be stored on iCloud forever, across devices.

A modern iPod

The Music app ditched its old skin for a darker, simpler, monochromatic getup. It functions the exact same, but steps closer to OS X in appearance. Maybe you’ll like it more than the old look—if not, you’ll quickly forget what the old look looked like, anyway.

Bonus: Remodeled iTunes/App Stores

Talk about stale! The stores on your phone were never easy to get around: too many lists, too many sections, too much scrolling. In iOS 6 they get a chic makeover, highly reminiscent of the glamorous Apple TV storefront. The new stores also add clever horizontal scrolling through lists and categories, which is less of a pain and allows for a more digestible spread of information on a non-television screen. Featured albums, apps, videos, and the like are all sorted together with big eye-easy graphics. It won’t cost you any less, but you’ll spend less sanity on your downloads.

Tons of new emoji

All emoji are good emoji. And the old iOS 5 set was pretty great. But just look at the artistry and detail in each of these teeny tiny animals. Notice the chicken’s softly shaded feathers. The poodle’s regal pose. That blow fish! Now return to your old iOS 5 emoji animals—they basically resemble balloon animal heads with beaks.

App update history

As part of its total overhaul to the App Store, The Big A is introducing a complete history of updates for every app, so you can see, for example, precisely when the Orange Bird was added to Angry Birds Seasons.

New app banners


Your iOS Home screen now wraps a dashing “New” sash over recently downloaded apps, reminding forgetful features editors to actually, you know, play their newly purchased games.

Pull to refresh in mail

A tiny bit of UI magic, made popular by Twitter apps. To refresh your inbox, just drag the list down and then ping it back. Developers can borrow the feature for their apps.

IPv6 support

The IP address tap has almost completely run dry, so the web is anxiously moving to IPv6 – a system with 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses to share. iOS 6 adds support for these new 128-bit locators.

Custom signatures

You can now set a separate email signature for each account on your device. Plus, use bold, italic, and underline to really emphasise that this email was sent from your iPhone.

Retina shutdown spinner

Okay, one more. A bonus, for the most pedantic of the pedants. For the most eagle-eyed observer. The little spinning icon that appears when you shut down your device is finally Retina enabled. Best. Feature. Ever.

New Clock app

The iPad now has a new Clock app of its own.

Apple officially gives Google Maps the boot, launches own Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation



It’s been one the big questions hanging over WWDC — will Apple actually toss Google to the side and launch it’s own mapping service specifically for iOS? Well, it’s not a question any more, but a cold hard fact. Apple’s mapping solution is here, taking over where Google left off. The move is hardly shocking since Apple has already confirmed that it’s been working on a traffic database and snatched up a number of mapping companies. Besides, it’s not like Cupertino and Mountain View are the best of buds right now. Maps includes all of the features you’ve come to expect from the previous iOS solution, but with a number of enhancements. This all new mapping solution includes 100 million different business listings, Yelp integration and, biggest of all, turn-by-turn navigation. The app does use anonymously collected data to populate traffic information and any rerouting is brought to your attention with a pop-up notification.

The story isn’t done yet, though. The maps are even rendered in full 3D, not unlike what Google announced last week. (And the news was delivered in a way that made it clear Apple think’s they’ve one upped their former map app provider.) The whole demo — flipping through business listings, flying around in 3D and navigating labyrinth-like city streets — was performed on one of those shiny new iPads… you know, the ones that are getting Siri support soon. Which, if you haven’t figured out yet, plays quite nicely with the new Maps app as we saw in the demo. Ask Siri to find a gas station on your route or how much longer you’ll be on the road and the pleasantly robotic voice gets you the relevant info.

iPad 3 Processor and Specifications: Leaked Photos

According to rumors, the third-generation iPad will be launched on February 24. This day is the birth date of Steve Jobs, iGenius who changed the world for better.


iPads House is closely following all the iPad 3 release rumors, as there are no official news yet. Apple keeps it a secret, while the internet is still roamed by leaked photos of the new tablet computer.

What are the specifications of this long awaited tablet computer? A lot of fans can’t wait to see some curious details about the next gen device. Thanks to various websites, we can see images of the upcoming gadget. But no one can tell for sure if these images are true or false.

Some folks received this picture, according to which the iPad 3 specifications are as shown below.


What does this picture say or predict about the upcoming iDevice? First of all, it mentions that the new tablet will get a Quad-core processor. Besides, it will support Wi-Fi just like the previous models and, this is pretty cool, LTE capability.


If you follow all the news about Apple gadgets, you have most likely heard about two iPads planned to be released by the company in 2012. According to rumors, one tablet computer is going to be a mid-range budgeted gadget, and the other will feature high end iPad 3 specifications.


Both models are referred to as J1 and J2. You might also call them iPad 3_1 and iPad 3_2.

So one gadget will be an ordinary Wi-Fi iDevice with a Quad-core A6 processor known as S5L8945X, while the other will also support advanced LTE technology.

Orangutans use iPads at zoos


We do love our gadgets and electronics. But apparently we aren’t the only ones.

Orangutans in some zoos have been using iPads as enrichment to reduce boredom. For the past six months, these orange primates at Milwaukee zoo have been playing games and watching videos on Apple’s iPad. One of them, a 31-year old orangutan named MJ, is a big fan of David Attenborough’s nature documentaries.

Zookeepers and and the charity Orangutan Outreach are now considering setting up WiFi, cameras and Skype so that the orangutans from different zoos can watch each other. Doing so would serve several purposes. Orangutan Outreach hopes that by seeing these sentient, self-aware, and intelligent animals playing with the same gadgets as us, we’ll be more inclined to support their charity and also to take better care of the environment (Indonesian orangutans are critically endangered due to human activity). And perhaps it would create relationships and communication between different primates who otherwise would never know each other existed. This kind of enrichment has some amazing possibilities to it.

Bloomberg: iPad 3 To Have Quad-Core CPU, LTE, High-Def Screen


You’ve just got to love the timing. First, Apple announces their education-focused media event smack dab in the middle of CES. Now, just as CES is winding down, Bloomberg has “three people familiar with the product” spilling purported details on the next iPad. Whether or not Apple won CES without even being there, they’re certainly trying.

None of the leaked details are particularly new, but that it comes from Bloomberg and they’ve seemingly got full confidence in their source(s) makes them a bit more credible than rumors prior.

Here’s the gist of it:

  • The next iPad (Bloomberg calls it “iPad 3?, though even that detail is of course unconfirmed) is said to have gone into production this month, with production ramping up until February, with a launch in March.
  • It’ll have a quad-core CPU (as opposed to the dual-core A5 found in iPad 2)
  • It’ll have a “high-def” screen
  • Support for LTE (4G)

The most curious bit? The use of the phrase “high-def” instead of “Retina” with regards to the display. If Apple was throwing around the “Retina” term internally, at least one of Bloomberg’s three sources presumably would’ve thought to mention it. If the sources mentioned it, Bloomberg would have squeezed it into the article somewhere — and they didn’t. With leaks like this, what’s not said can be as important as what is. Higher-res screen? Yes. But the absurdly high-resolution that a “retina” iPad would require (something like 2560 x 1920, higher than any monitor Apple has ever made regardless of size)? Probably not.

Apple Releases iOS 5.1 Beta 3 With The Ability To Toggle 3G Again


Apple has seeded a new beta this afternoon for iOS 5.1 to registered developers in the iOS Dev Center. Those that have been running the second iOS 5.1 beta can download this newest update through iOS 5?s over-the-air update feature in the Settings app.

While iOS 5.1 beta 3 (Build 9B5141a) doesn’t seem to bring anything particularly revolutionary to the table, it appears that the “Enable 3G” toggle has been enabled for quickly disabling 3G data.

The toggle was removed with the release of iOS 5.0, but Apple has seen to adding it back in this latest beta. The setting can be found under Settings > Network on pre-iOS 5 and 5.1 beta 3 software. When you turn off 3G data, you will be placed on your carrier’s 2G/EDGE network. While data speeds will become considerably slower, your iPhone’s battery will last longer.


Apple has also introduced some API improvements to help developers designate certain app files that should not be backed up by the system. Xcode 4.3 Developer Preview 3 and Apple TV 5.1 beta 2 have also been seeded. Apple asks developers to test AirPlay with their iOS 5.1 apps.

iOS 5.1 beta 2 was released on December 12th, 2011. 5.1 beta 3 expires on Wednesday, March 14th.

The Power of Apple’s Products on Kindergarten Children

How powerful is the influence of Apple products such as iOS devices? With over 200 million iOS devices sold, the odds are pretty good right now kids know about the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The following picture was taken from a kindergarten French class in Vancouver. The teacher (my sister’s friend) asked her students to brainstorm 10 words that started with the letter ‘i’. She was shocked when she saw the following ‘words’ from Apple make the top 10 list. Take a look below:


That’s right folks–after igloo, we have iPad, iPod, itouch (it should never be referred to as this!), iPhone, itouch (again), and…get this…icloud (they must be loving iOS 5). Either these kids are being brainwashed with iOS devices by their parents, or people just can’t avoid the Apple marketing machine.

iOS 5.1 beta indicates Apple may be testing quad-core mobile CPUs


Lets get this out of the way up front — this is not a confirmation that Apple is planning to put a quad-coreA6 chip inside its next iPad or iPhone. What it does indicate is that Apple may be testing iOS support for quad-core CPUs. 9to5Mac has dug up images from the latest beta of iOS 5.1 that detail the supported number of cores. In this hidden panel, single-core A4s are referred to as “/cores/core.0” while dual-core A5s are “/cores/core.1.” Now a new listing, “/cores/core.3,” is popping up which, if you start counting with zero, indicates a CPU packing four cores. This doesn’t mean that Apple even has this up and running on test hardware yet, though, merely that software support for quad-core chips is in the works. But, that should be enough to really kick the rumor mill into overdrive.

iPad 3 Release Date


iPad 3 Release Date and Features, Is it appropriate if we dubbed Apple as the king of gadget in US?, as the iPad is grabbing not less than 80% from the entire market share of US tablet market. This phenomenon is not only clouding the white red and blue states, but also in numerous countries that the people is gone crazy tapping their fingertips since the coming of iPod touch in their countries.


• Retina Display: The fans are disappointed with the retina display promise in iPad 2 that Apple give them the same display at previous version. Again, the retina display with 2048×1536 pixels is expected to be presented by Apple in the third generation of iPad.
• SD Card Slot: Being different and unique is not always interesting, the absence of SD card slot in iPad series is one of it. The fans are hoping they can insert an SD card in their third G iPad.
• Improved HDMI: aha, this one is worth enough to be paid, with an additional 39$ you will get the real HDMI playback to play your HD video from Apple devices to TV with the additional HDMI cable.
• Camera Flash: completed the HD recording and sharp picture capture with camera flash is an perfect feature for a smart device.
• Thunderbolt: another technology being applied is the existence of Thunderbolt port in iPad 3. This device provides power, video and data exchanging via the same connector at high speed.
• Wireless Synchronize: The wireless sync need to be featured in iPad 3 like what have been done in several gadgets.


The shocking demands and response about the iPad 2 is spreading in the entire webs. If your are a US citizen, you have to thanks to God due to the civilization because UK people will hand the iPad 3 after a month or two from the US release. iPad 3 Release Date Features Prediction:

Even though it is ranked as the #1 tablet, the Apple loyalist are still standing their feet in queue for the better iPad 3 and do enthusiast search for every updates news in web browsing about the release date, new technology and so on. Right now plenty of rumors had been launched blindly to the public, the most topic being talked is the official iPad 3 Release Date launch and the features.

Update (1st July 2011) : the big Apple is preparing to boost the iPad 2 production in the early second semester of 2011. Several analysts thought that this plan can probably shift away the good news of 2011 iPad 3 release.

Update (2nd June 2011) : referring to the DigiTimes, the end of waiting of iPad 3 production will be planned in sometime in 2012. Fortunately, Steve Jobs’ teams has begun to pick and choose what best components will be installed for iPad 3. Many mass medias told to market that the iPad 3 will be officially released around September 2011. The insiders told that Apple is still running in process with problems and solutions, while the third generation production will be the end of the line.

John Gruber, an Apple analyst, also nodding the head for the information of the September release of iPad 3. He added some sentences in his blog, “Summer feels like a long time away. If my theory is right, they’re not only going to be months behind the iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of the iPad 3. And they didn’t only announce this with a distant ship date; they did it with no word on pricing.” Totally different with Grubber, the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs told that the 2011 will belong to iPad 2.



Will new iPad with new dock connector and new OS X 6 be released by March 2012 at the earliest? No. Gdeluxe thinks it is unreal. According to reliable Asian source, Apple seems to release new iPad 3 with extra cool display and new OS X 6 in 2012 November at the earliest schedule.
Apple removed word “Mac” from OS name “Mac OS X Lion”. It’s new generation of Mac OS X. New name is “OS X Lion”. Next action : Apple will remove word “i” from “iOS”. Why?
Because: Mac OS X Lion + iOS 5 = OS X 6


We think this OS for new technology gadgets.  Computer + Gadget = new technology from Apple  -> “MacTouch” or “iPad’s” class. This new OS (expl. OS X 6) will work with new gadgets (aka MacTouch)

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