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Adobe brings Touch Apps family to Android tablets, Creative Cloud looms on the horizon

Back in October, as you may recall, Adobe unveiled its Touch Apps family — a collection of six tools designed to make life easier and more tactile for tablet-using creative types. Today, those apps are finally available on the Android Market, for tablets running Android 3.1 or higher. The sextet includes Photoshop Touch, Collage and Proto, among other Adobe products, each of which is priced at $9.99. These applications will also play a central role in Adobe’s forthcoming Creative Cloud initiative, which will allow users to share, view and transfer files across multiple devices. That isn’t expected to launch until the first half of next year, while the full suite of Touch Apps for iOS users should be released by "early 2012" (Adobe Ideas is the only member currently available on iTunes). Android slate wielders can get their hands on all the Touch Apps now, though Adobe says they’ll need at least an 8.9-inch, 1280 x 800 display to get the most out of it. Check out the source link below for more details, or head past the break for the full PR treatment.

PS4 Not Coming “For Some Time”, Says Sony

Despite letting slip a few details to the contrary in a recent investor meeting, which were, to be fair, later brushed aside as referring to the PlayStation Vita, Sony says it’s new home console is still a long way coming. And honestly, having had a look at what the Wii U is bringing to the table, it’s pretty hard to argue. Not to mention that Sony even has a line of PlayStation tablets coming out soon.


Royal Dutch Mint Releases Coins With QR Codes

QR Codes are becoming more and more popular, and have started to pop up everywhere, now the Royal Dutch Mint has released some new coins with QR codes built in, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Mint in Utrecht.

The mint will be releasing a limited run of these coins in both gold with will cost 10 Euros and Silver which will cost 5 Euros, and if you scan the code on the coin it will your mobile phone it will take you to the Dutch Royal mints website.

We are not sure exactly how well the QR code will actually work when scanned from one of the coins, as the bigger of the two coins measures just 33mm in diameter.

The Internet Of Things Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

So soon, in fact, that a team of Norwegian scientists are hard at work on a common platform called ISIS. What ISIS does is allow users to create and harmonize apps for all their connected items. This useful feature’s value is in keeping the multiplicity of things organized. That’s what lies at the heart of the internet of things—everything is connected.

ISIS stands for Infrastructure for Integrated Services and is a pet project of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. One of the key features of ISIS is an experimental programming tool called Arctis that allows apps to be made and synced together. The whole idea here is cohesion in the upcoming era of domestic computing (to con a phrase) where each and every gadget w euse are connected with the rest.

As technology goes, both ISIS and Arctis might both be buried in a mass of similar platforms that will emerge in the near future to address  the multiplicity of electronic devices in human lives. Once ISIS and its descendants are slated to become the norm, the Singularity won’t be far off. Uh oh.

More iOS 5 features get their moment in the beta testing sun

Steve Jobs and co. showed off all kinds of cool new features during the debut of iOS 5 at WWDC earlier this month. We had the chance to take a few of them for a spin, when we tested the beta build of the mobile operating system, and now that more and more folks have tried their hand at iOS 5, more and more features are getting their turn to shine. Here’s a list of some of the cooler ones we’ve seen in the last few weeks.

  • Apple has added the ability to make FaceTime calls over 3G — though rumor has it that this may be a beta-only feature, which carriers can choose to disable, over obvious data usage concerns.
  • AirPlay Mirroring has been shown off. The feature lets users display video from an iPad 2 on an HDTV, by way of Apple TV, for those times when you just can’t keep your tablet content to yourself. (Read)
  • The new software also offers up the ability to sync 1080p video to iOS 5 devices, opening the door to speculation that future iPads and iPhones may be able to play back content at full 1080p. (Read)
  • Like to play your iTunes over your car stereo? Good news, iOS 5 will transfer audio information like album, track, and artist names over Bluetooth. (Read)

Apple starts selling unlocked iPhone 4 for $649

Not that it’ll do you much good in the US — an unlocked iPhone 4 will still only work on AT&T’s 3G bands — but Apple has just started selling its prized smartphone without any carrier partiality on its US online store. The big attraction is, of course, being able to take the phone abroad and switch MicroSIMs to your heart’s content, an experience that most other nations are already well accustomed to. Additionally, though the $649 (16GB) and $749 (32GB) levies may seem rather steep for American buyers, they’re quite a bit more affordable than the unlocked pricing elsewhere. You can have yours within three business days if black’s your color, or three to five if you’re after the snow white one.

The web’s watchful eye fixes on Apple’s cloud gear

When Steve Jobs flashed inside images of Apple’s new cloud data center during his WWDC keynote on Monday, he ignited a mini firestorm of speculation about just what kind of hardware is filling its immense surface area. No one outside of Apple and its hardware partners know for sure what it houses, but it appears as if HP and Teradata were among the big winners in Apple’s big cloud build-out. Here’s what the experts had to say:

Its full of HP servers. Storage analyst Stephen Foskett and ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Larry Dignan both noted as much, even going into some detail on models and specifications. Both suggest Apple bought a large number of HPs commodity ProLiant DL 300 series boxes. This shouldnt surprise anyone. I spoke with HP Vice President of Industry Standard Servers and Software recently, and he explained to me just how prevalent HP gear is among the worlds largest web sites, search engines and social media sites. He also highlighted HPs major partnership role in helping Facebook design its cutting-edge data center and servers. Certainly, HP has the cloudscale chops to be part of Apples cloud foray.


The Wii U, Nintendo’s next console (video)

Coming in 2012, Nintendo’s next home console will deliver “deeper game experiences” that aim to offer “something for everyone.” And it’ll be called the Wii U! A variety of new controls will be made available by that crazy new controller with a 6.2-inch touchscreen embedded in it. Most importantly, you’ll no longer be tied to a TV to enjoy your home consoling action — the Wii U controller can handle your gaming session when the television is needed for other purposes, while a built-in front-facing cam will let you video chat from anywhere too. Notably, you won’t have to use the 6.2-inch behemoth if you don’t want too — the Wii U will be compatible with all current-gen accessories and software. Yes, your expansive Wii collection will play on the U version of the console as well. We’ve also seen some decidedly high-def visuals from Nintendo showing off the Wii U’s graphical prowess. See video of the unveiling after the break!


Mac OS X through the ages

Today, Apple is a huge player in the consumer electronics business, having just recently passed the market values of Intel and Microsoft combined. But in the late 90s, Apple wasn’t nearly the juggernaut that it is today. Users began to lose confidence in the company as it struggled to come up with a next-generation OS to replace the ailing Mac OS 9. Finally, at WWDC 1998, Mac OS X was announced. It would turn out to be instrumental in putting Apple back into the hearts and minds of users. Since the release of Lion is just a month away, we thought wed take a look back at the last 10 years of OS X.


Microsoft’s Windows 8 In Action (Video)

We got our first look at Microsoft’s new Windows 8 yesterday, with its newly designed user interface which has a similar look and feel to the UI on Windows Phone 7, and it certainly looks very interesting.

Now Microsoft has put together a video to show us how Windows 8 will work, and in the video below you will see that Windows 8 has been designed with touchscreen computers and tablets in mind.


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